How To Increase Average Order Value Of Your Shopify Store?

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Bugrahan Saka
Apr 1, 2022

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Providing free shipping, offering discounts, creating a sense of urgency, and many other tactics can be employed to increase average order value. This alone is not sufficient to increase the average order value. The implementation of unique strategies is necessary for your Shopify store to increase its average order value, and making unique strategies is hard and time-consuming. You should spend a lot of time studying complex reports and metrics in order to obtain some meaningful answers.

Fortunately, we got heybooster. It’s a fully automated and simple solution.

Let's dig deeper and start to learn how to improve the average order value of your Shopify store with heybooster.

A cross-selling strategy is one of the most effective ways to improve the average order value of a customer. Heybooster help you to increase sales by identifying which products are purchased together, and by acquiring strategies on how you can increase cross-selling sales.

In the example, you will see that two products were purchased at the same time. It is possible to increase your average order value by showing all of these products together on the checkout page, for instance.

Continue with the second one, every website page is a kind of online showroom for your business and if your landing pages have a high enough persuasiveness, you can increase the value of your orders.

As you can see from the example, the pages get sessions, but they have no effect on conversions. Heybooster can help you identify which landing pages you need to improve, and then you can start improving them.

So in heybooster, you can find many packages at different verticals and thousands of insights for improving your revenue. Below the link, you can join heybooster and start to boost the average order value of your shop by store.

How can you increase your Shopify store’s average order value?      

- In order to increase the average order value, you can:
- Creating a sense of urgency by setting a limited time offer.
- Providing discounts and offers to encourage customers to buy more products.
- Offering free shipping or delivery when customers spend above a certain amount.
It's common to employ these tactics, but if you really want to boost the average value of your orders, you should devise unique strategies for your Shopify store. In most cases, to develop unique strategies for average order value, a data analyst needs to review all of your store's data and come up with strategies with real-world and meaningful results that will allow you to improve the average order value and unfortunately, this is not a one-time activity. It is essential to constantly iterate the strategy in connection with how average order values are affected by many factors, including trends, seasons, etc. Don’t worry, heybooster is always here to improve the unique average order value strategies. Heybooster provides actionable insights into your data and helps you improve the average order of your Shopify store value.        

How to use cross-selling for increasing average order value on Shopify?        

Cross-selling products in the checkout flow is easy to implement, and a great way to increase average order value. By adding the cross-selling feature to your checkout process, you’ll be able to increase the number of items customers buy on average.In addition, this will also help improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.Thanks to heybooster you can find out which products are purchased together and start boosting your Shopify store’s average order value.        

What are the common pitfalls to avoid when trying to increase average order value?        

Some of the common pitfalls to avoid when trying to increase average order value include:
1. Focusing exclusively on increasing order value without taking other factors into accounts, such as customer service quality or product quality.
2. Not taking enough time to research and analyze the competition, in order to create a competitive edge.
3. Formulating marketing strategies without using data. There is no doubt that this is a fairly common mistake. Despite the fact that Shopify stores use a number of data analytics tools, they are still not data-driven as the tools are mostly data-rich, but lack insight. Sadly, drawing meaningful conclusions from many complex reports and metrics requires a great deal of effort and expertise in order to do so. Fortunately, the heybooster is here! Heybooster analyzes all of your Shopify data automatically and gives you actionable insights that will help you to boost your Shopify store's average order value and many other metrics.



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