How to get detailed PMax placement report?

Emre Can Kartal
May 26, 2023

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Performance Max may seem like the perfect solution for creating your ad campaigns, but navigating its poor placement reporting can quickly turn into a headache. Let’s dive deep into the issue and find ways to handle it efficiently.

You have a tool with Performance Max at your disposal that handles placement, bidding, and allocation for you. So optimizing it is equally important.

An excellent message and stunning visuals are not enough for a Performance Max campaign to be successful. So in Performance Max campaigns, it is crucial to examine the placement report in a more detailed manner than in any other campaign.

PMax placement report from heybooster. Get yours:

You can't get detailed PMax placement reports from Google Ads

Google Ads is not yet working well enough for the reporting of Performance Max. To understand this, let's first take a look at this reporting structure in Google Ads.

To get Performance Max's placement report, follow these steps in order:

  • Enter your Google Ads dashboard.
  • Click on Predefined reports (Dimensions).
  • Select Other.
  • Click on Performance Max campaigns placement.
Step-by-step how to get PMax placement report from Google Ads dashboard.

On the screen that appears, you'll see the placements of your Performance Max campaigns. By making changes in columns and rows, you can reach many data points.

However, if you have multiple Performance Max campaigns and want to keep all of them under control, this reporting screen, unfortunately, won't meet your needs.

Furthermore, when you want to see which placement brought better conversion, you'll see this warning: This field (conversion) is not compatible with [Performance Max placement].

So, Google Ads does not show you which placement brought you the most conversions. Moreover, if you have more than one Performance Max campaign, you have to do a lot of work to get all the results.

On the other hand, since Performance Max determines its own placement, it could be showing your irrelevant products to an irrelevant audience.

In such cases, you should check where your pages are getting traffic from. You need to look at Performance Max's placement and conversion report.

There is a way to get PMax placement reports!

As mentioned, Google Ads is unfortunately not sufficient in the placement report of Performance Max. Therefore, we have added a report to heybooster for you to view the Performance Max campaign placements missing from the Google Ads report. On this report, you can see all your campaigns in one report, including Placement Display, Placement URL, Impression, Clicks, Cost, CPC, and Conversion.

So instead of wandering from dashboard to dashboard in Google Ads every morning or every week, you can sip your coffee while looking at your heybooster reports.

Here is the link where you can start using heybooster to get the placement reports of your Performance Max campaigns.


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