How an insight ended up with a 10x ROAS

Despite having a high ROAS (Return on Ad Spend), our client got an alert from heybooster one of their campaigns was exhausting its daily budget by around 8:30 PM every evening.

ℹ️ heybooster alerts if your high-performing campaigns stop spending before the end of the day.

Our client identified this gap and decided to launch an additional campaign, targeting the 8:30 PM to midnight time slot.

So what's the investment and results?

With an investment of just $1,200, the campaign generated an impressive $10,000 in sales. This translated to an ROAS of about 10, meaning for every dollar spent on advertising, they earned 10 dollar back.

The digital landscape is dynamic, and consumer behavior can vary throughout the day. By paying close attention to campaign performance metrics and being agile in their marketing approach, our client effectively tapped into an overlooked sales window, proving that sometimes, timing really is everything.

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