Here's how to saved 200.000+ paid traffic in Perfomance Max campaigns by using Heybooster

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Bugrahan Saka
Oct 11, 2022

Challenges & Solution

Due to the URL expansion logic that is used in Performance Max campaigns, there is no way to track which pages that are being promoted on your website and where your marketing budget is going in the Google Advertising platform for Performance Max campaigns.

As a consequence, many unsold products are promoted in vain and marketing budgets are lost as a result.

heybooster displays pages that were driven traffic by Performance Max campaigns, but that failed to generate any action as a result of the traffic.

Thus, heybooster provides full control of where the marketing budget is used.

Numbers have been changed proportionally.


Konyalı Saat's marketing team eliminated +200,000 wasted paid traffic every week by excluding product pages that drive traffic with heybooster and Google Ads Performance Max campaigns, but for which no transactions were made, thus providing a significant savings in the marketing budget.

Meet Konyalı Saat

Konyalı Saat has always aimed to create a loyal audience with its nearly 70 years of experience since 1951, its understanding of quality sevice and its innovative stance. The industry's leader in production, design, distributorship and merchandising.

Today, it is one of the first companies that come to mind in today's watch industry with its 14 cities and 33 stores.

Continuing to grow with its chain stores, Konyalı Saat started eCommerce in 2011 with the development of technology; With its 100% original products, fast solutions and technical service support, it has also managed to gain the love and trust of the online shopping world.


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