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Şahin Seçil
Jul 11, 2021

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We solve marketing teams' real marketing problems like;

  • You can't set up an alert with Google Data Studio, but with heybooster, you can
  • Google ads and Facebook ads data blending is complicated, but heybooster makes it simple
  • Even without signing up, heybooster will send you a weekly report each week to your inbox

TLDR; heybooster is cool product for e-commerce marketing teams however we need help to reach out to more users.

So we start revenue sharing model for influencers or content writers;

If you’re a content writer

We’ll share our projects including how the user searches on Google, what our audience says, and qualified content related to that project.

If you have experience with the topic and have free time to write around the topic, let me know to begin.

After the content is ready, we’ll promote this content on our social media channels as well as in our newsletter. (almost 8.000 marketers registered)

Revenu sharing: Each post will link with your partner ID. If anyone starts to use heybooster after reading your content, you’ll earn %100 of the first month's subscription fee which is between $99 and $499. (In the long run, you'll make money for your old content as well)

If you’re an influencer

If you like the content and think that are interested in your audience, share it with your partner Id. If anyone signs up to use Heybooster, you'll also earn %100 of their first month's fee.

How does it sound?
We're open to your ideas, feel free to reach out to me at sahin@heybooster.ai


Q: Why don't you pay based on the content?
A: Creating qualified content is tough! But also distribution is tough too. For each content, we're doing payment for a content writer, marketer, and Google, Facebook, and Quora ads platforms. That's why it's a highly expensive operation.

We want to be at the same page with our partners, build quality content and have a long-term relationship that benefits them when they start using heybooster.
Q: Is there a full-time position available for content writing?
A: We are looking for a junior content writer who will support our partners and marketing teams in their efforts.
Q: Will I get credit for my work?
A: Yes, you will credit for your work. Your name will be listed as an author.
Q: Do you want to pay me monthly or per content base?
A: We'll make payments monthly.
Q: How long (word count) should my articles and how many should I write?
You earn when users sign up and become users. There is no pressure, if you create more, you have a chance to earn more.

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