17 Ways to Increase the Revenue of an eCommerce Business

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Bengü Demirtaş
Oct 25, 2022

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For eCommerce professionals who are hoping to increase the revenue of their business, we compiled a list of 17 different ways to boost sales numbers.

One of the most immediate signifiers of the success of an online store is its revenue. Increasing revenue and optimizing sales strategies in the most profitable way may seem like a daunting task all things considered. However, by taking a few small but strategic steps, tackling the inefficiencies that affect the sales of your online business won’t take long. For Ecommerce professionals who are hoping to increase the revenue of their business, we compiled a list of 20 different ways to boost sales numbers.

Reach the Right Audience

Before you start changing prices, coming up with deals and discounts or tackling your conversion rates, make sure you are marketing your products to the right audience. Who are your primary visitors? To start an initial examination of your target audience you can start by asking where, who, why and how. These four questions will give you a general understanding of your primary target audience. ‘Where’ will give you the rough geographical location of your audience. ‘Who?’ will help you identify the basic characteristics of your target audience such as gender, age, income, profession, marital status etc. ‘Why’ will give you insight to how your service and/or product is useful for your target audience. Lastly, ‘how’ will help you think about the way your product and/or service reaches your target audience.

Analyze Your Existing Customers

Of course, while the four questions to identify your target audience are a good starting point, an in-depth analysis of your existing customers might still be required. One way to reach your target audience is to make sure you know your strengths when it comes to your relationship with your existing customers. Where did your previous customers come from? From which platforms do you drive the majority of your traffic? From which channels do you get the most conversions? Which keywords have your previous customers used to find you? With an overview of the performance of your existing marketing channels, you will have a much better idea who your target audience is and how to reach them.

But how can you derive such insights into the performance of your online business? heybooster provides you exactly with the insights you need to make sure that you know your target audience and that you are looking for them in the right places. Heybooster will give you clear insights into your organic impressions and clicks as well as your conversion rates by channel and the performance of your chosen keywords. You can start getting to know your audience better through heybooster immediately!

Optimize Your Products

To increase revenue, ecommerce business owners should not shy away from a thorough review of their products. Are there any products that are consistently selling less than others? Are there any products that are consistently getting bad reviews? Are there any trends in your return and refund data which might suggest the possibility of defects in any of your products? Before you start playing around with your marketing strategy, make sure there isn’t something you are missing on the product end.

Utilize Paid Advertisements

A quick way to drive traffic to an ecommerce website is through paid advertising. Ecommerce professionals should consider running ads in relevant platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram etc. to attract attention to their products. Paid ads will also help you reach specific audiences and therefore, drive the right traffic to your website. With heybooster, you can track CTRs to gain insight into where you get most of your traffic.

Work on your Conversion Rates

Conversion rates are among the most important data for digital marketing teams who are working to increase the revenue of an ecommerce business. Conversion rates show the proportion of the visitors who complete a purchase at your online store. If you have high traffic yet low sales numbers, you may need to work on the customer journey on your website. Why do people who visit your website end up leaving before making a purchase? Is your CTA not effective? Are there any problem points in your checkout process? Is there anything to improve in your copy to make it more engaging? With heybooster, you can look closely into the problem points in your website that visitors to low conversion rates. Heybooster will give you actionable insights relating to the products that do not sell despite the paid traffic they bring, and more. You will get urgent notifications about problem points you need to take care of to improve your conversion rates.

Check and Improve Your Website Speed

Website speed is crucial for a positive user experience. Even if the products, website design, copy, deals and offers, keywords, marketing and all other aspects of your business are well-optimized for a smooth sailing customer experience, if your website speed is below average most likely, you will lose customers. This is why speed optimization should be one of your top priorities. Heybooster allows digital marketing managers to track the loading speed and bounce rate of their webpage efficiently. Here is an article why you should monitor page speed for PPC campaigns.

Minimize Your Bounce Rates

Along with your website speed, don’t forget to track your bounce rates. Bounce rates show you the percentage of the visitors who visit your website only once and leave without checking other pages. This also relates to the analyses of your conversion rates. Is there anything you can do to attract the attention of bouncers? Maybe you can work on strengthening your landing pages.

Turn One-Timers to Repeat Customers

Make sure your one-time customers do not forget about you. If you succeed in reminding one-time customers of products they may need following their last purchase, of deals and discounts, of new arrivals into your online store, you may be successful in turning them into repeat customers. To increase revenue with the help of your loyal customers, keep in touch with them and reward their loyalty through deals or personalized product recommendations.

Improve your SEO

Check your keywords and make sure to work on your SEO to improve your search rankings. Make sure the written content on your website is original and includes your chosen keywords. Tracking your website’s keyword rankings and your organic visibility on search engines would be a great place to start. Heybooster helps you track and better understand SEO KPIs that you need to increase the revenue of your online business. Not only does heybooster track these metrics but it also provides digital marketing professionals with actionable insights into the analysis of all relevant data.

Optimize Your PPC

You can reach the right audience through PPC as well. Since you will only be paying for the customers that click through your paid ads, this is a smart move especially if you are operating on a tight budget. Make sure you target the right demographics and you will only be paying for visitors with a potential to convert into customers. Use heybooster to figure out the problem points in your PPC ads and start getting better conversion rates immediately!

Offer Deals and Discounts

Offering incentivizing deals and discounts to your visitors is a great way to start increasing revenue. You could offer a “buy one get one” deal, present discounts on certain products, offer free shipping or other deals that will attract your visitors towards checkout.

Offer Packages

By pairing several products which go along well together, you can incentivize your customers to purchase a larger volume of products at once. You can also incorporate deals and discounts into your packaging offers. You can also offer recommendations to your visitors as additions into their shopping cart during the checkout process to increase revenue through an increased order volume.

Do not Neglect Social Media Marketing

If your products are suitable and your target audience reachable through social media, it might be a great idea to start social media marketing. You can drive more traffic to your website through social media campaigns fueled by interesting content including videos, pictures and/or writing that promote your products. You can also incorporate your deal and discount offers into your social media marketing campaigns to increase the revenue of your ecommerce business within an interconnected and efficient optimization strategy.

Optimize Your Shopping Cart

To increase your conversion rates, looking into possible problem points in the virtual shopping cart section of your website is crucial. After all, the visitors who leave the website without completing a purchase, especially if they have chosen products for their virtual shopping cart, could still be converted into customers. However, if there are problem points in your shopping cart and checkout processes, then you need to fix these immediately. Shopping cart page invites the customers to their moment of decision. If you have a user-friendly shopping cart that provides the push that a customer needs before a purchase, you are sure to have much better conversion rates.

Compare Through A/B Testing

It might be a good idea for digital marketing teams to try A/B testing to see which ads and copy work better and increase revenue. You can also try this with product images or videos, as well as product descriptions. Don’t be afraid to try different approaches and see which ones are most welcome according to your audience.

Diversify the Payment Methods

Especially if you are working within an international customer portfolio, you may consider diversifying the payment methods available to your customers to increase the revenue of your ecommerce business. This will give your customers more freedom and comfort during the payment process and may help you improve your conversion rates and therefore increase your revenue.

Engage in Partnerships

Engaging in partnerships with other companies to benefit from a more diverse audience. Through partnerships, you may be able to reach potential customers who would otherwise be oblivious of your ecommerce business. Make sure you are working with companies within your industry but who do not sell similar products as yours. You want to make sure that the company you are in partnership with compliments your business strategy to increase revenue. In any case, these partnerships will help increase your visibility which inevitably will lead to more traffic and possibly more sales for you.

Focus on Mobile Optimization

Do not forget the importance of the smoothness of customer experience in the mobile version of your website. Make sure that the mobile sales do not present problem points. Aim for a pleasant mobile customer experience, just as you do for the non-mobile customer experience. What is important in the design of the mobile user experience is the efficiency and simplicity of navigation.

Improve Customer Service

Improving customer service through live chat options, or increasing the availability of your customer service representatives may help you get in more close contact with your customers. Feeling heard and understood may help your visitors be more comfortable in their purchases.

Keep Tracking Your Performance

Don’t stop at the first sign of revenue increase. Keep tracking your progress. Start using heybooster to get actionable insights into your progress and to be notified of any unexpected changes in the behaviors of your customers. Revenue increase may seem like a big goal, especially for smaller digital marketing teams. Let heybooster take the weight off your shoulders!


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