15 Best Shopify Analytics Apps: Comparisons And Reviews

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Oct 17, 2022

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Shopify Analytics apps are extremely useful for digital marketing professionals. We have listed the 15 Best Shopify Analytics apps.

For digital marketing professionals who want to be on top of their customer journey, sales and marketing analysis at all times, Shopify Analytics apps are extremely useful. We have listed the 15 Best Shopify Analytics apps that will give you invaluable insight into your online business depending on your specific needs. Check out the best features each Shopify Analytics app offers and decide on which ones suit your needs best. Don’t forget to check out heybooster for extensive, actionable insights into your analytics data with exceptionally on-target alerts and immediate notification options.

Best Shopify Analytics Apps for Marketing Analytics

Conversific - Store Analytics

Conversific - Store Analytics is a Shopify Analytics app that offers insight into how marketing professionals can increase conversion rates without augmenting their budget. The app shows you problem points and opportunities for improvement in your purchase funnel. You can see which steps in your purchase funnel generate better results through comparative percentages. Conversific also notifies you about which platforms you receive the most traffic from which allows you to focus your marketing strategy better. It also gives you packaging recommendations by analyzing which products are more likely to bring more revenue when paired together.


Heybooster is an exceptional Shopify Analytics app that offers actionable insights on the daily based on the automated analysis of your marketing performance. With heybooster you can also easily track your marketing KPI’s and view predictions of their success. Users have reported significant improvements in time management as well as reduced in-person meeting necessities thanks to the focused KPI monitoring features that heybooster offers. To keep your marketing team on track, you are able to send out alerts that will lead you towards a better performance. You will be notified immediately of unexpected changes in your analytics that affect your revenue. For digital marketing managers, automated weekly and monthly marketing reports are available to present you with the most important opportunities for growth. Start using heybooster Shopify Analytics app now to begin making data-driven improvements to your marketing and sales strategies!


Beprofit is a Shopify Analytics app that focuses on your profit rates. Beprofit tracks all your expenses in one dashboard and automatically calculates your profit by pulling out expense data from various platforms, looking over your ads, shipping and marketing data. You are also able to choose when you want your reports to be emailed to you, giving you full control over the insights into your data. With Beprofit, you can get quick and detailed insight into your most profitable products, and learn more about the strengths and weaknesses in your marketing strategy.

Best Shopify Analytics Apps with Customization Options

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg’s focused tracking options render it one of the most convenient Shopify Analytics apps that are currently available. The insights that Crazy Egg provides focuses on tracked pageviews. This means that you will only be charged for the traffic you choose to include in your reports. This is a great feature especially if you are operating on a tight budget. Like most other Shopify Analytics apps, you also have access to a wide range of reports including but not limited to heatmaps, visitor recordings, A/B testing and surveys.

Better Reports by Better Reports

With its user-friendly interface and simplistic design, Better Reports is perfect for marketing teams that prefer cleaner and more efficient reporting methods. With its drag and drop designer, this Shopify Analytics app gives you the opportunity to conveniently customize your dashboard. Marketing teams can easily track the success of their marketing campaigns as well as view their most popular products and vendors. You can track the revenue share of your affiliate partners on your dashboard as well. You can even schedule hourly KPI reports that will be kept in your Google Drive. Better Reports offers a diverse range of reports and a clean dashboard which is crucial for efficiency of analysis.

Best Shopify Analytics Apps for Holistic Reporting


Glew is a Shopify Analytics app that gives marketing teams a holistic outlook on their eCommerce data. This app gives you detailed information on your delivery and stocking processes. It also alerts you of visitors who are in the initial stages of potential purchases. Through its holistic outlook across multiple channels, Glew offers eCommerce professionals an opportunity for rapid growth and optimization of marketing, sales, and operational processes. With Glew, you have the option to receive daily, weekly or monthly reports with valuable insights into opportunities for improvement.

Vantage Analytics

Another Shopify Analytics app that eCommerce marketers should definitely consider using is Vantage Analytics. Vantage Analytics gives online marketers insight into the strengths of their business strategies. It also provides a forecast of your future income by projecting your existing sales and expense data into the future. You can project your existing data to the next week, month or year and build upon your business plan accordingly.

Best Shopify Analytics Apps for Repeat Customer Analysis

Repeat Customer Insights

For marketing managers that are looking to retain customers and increase their repeat customer rates, Repeat Customer Insights is a great Shopify Analytics app. For businesses that are losing customers or are struggling to sustain a repeat customer portfolio, Repeat Customer Insights will help you identify the problems with your marketing strategy. The app will give you reports based on your most loyal customers’ behavior as well as what keeps your one-time customers from returning to your online store. The customer segmentation with RFM data will give you insight into your customer behavior through the analysis of three factors: recency, frequency and monetary. You will also get weekly reports on your data with strategic insights on how to retain and sustain repeat customers.

Customer Insights and Analytics

Customer Insights and Analytics by Loyaltylion is an excellent Shopify Analytics app for the marketing teams that would like to retain more customers. The app allows you to view your most loyal customers. What’s more, it notifies you about the customers that are at risk of leaving so that you can proactively handle potential customer loss. Even if you end up losing customers, Customer Insights and Analytics by Loyaltylion will help you win back lost customers by giving you insights into the necessary measures.

Peel Analytics

For ecommerce businesses that operate around the world, Peel is one of the most efficient Shopify Analytics apps that are available. Peel automatically converts currencies and alerts users of the trends in your analytics data that it identifies. Peel is a great option for digital marketing professionals that would like to create their own dashboards with relevant insights from their analytics data. Regardless of the price plan you choose, you will get email/slack reports daily. You can also have unlimited users on Peel which means that your entire marketing team can have access to the insights provided by the app.

Best Shopify Analytics Apps for Customer Journey Analysis

Storeview by optymyze

Storeview by optymyze presents a clear picture of the customer journey. It is an extremely useful Shopify Analytics app due to its focus on user behavior and smooth workflow. Ecommerce marketers who are looking to get a deeper understanding of their customers’ behaviors will greatly benefit from Storeview’s customer journey analysis features. The app will also provide you with daily reports in your inbox as well as a summary of the activities that take place on your online store daily.

Hitstep Analytics

For ecommerce marketers who want to get deeper insights into their customers’ experience, Hitstep Analytics is another great option. This Shopify Analytics app offers insights into the activity of online shop visitors. You will get a detailed analysis of the customers who add items to their online shopping carts and who view and complete the checkout page. The app also helps you track popular search words and referral pages that lead customers to your online store.

Truconversion Connect

For digital marketing teams that are looking to improve the conversion rates and customer engagement of their online stores, Truconversion is a top-notch Shopify Analytics app. Truconversion allows you to track the behaviors of your visitors smoothly. Through its recording tool, ecommerce professionals can watch the browsing journeys of individual customers. They can also view their online stores from the customer perspective. You can create surveys through Truconversion Connect and use customer data to improve weakness points in your purchase flow. Through surveys, you will have access to insights that may not be directly available in your marketing data.


Mixpanel is another Shopify App that offers a comprehensive outlook on the behaviors of your customers. Mixpanel also offers an extremely smooth installation process. The tracking tools of Mixpanel allow you to look closely into return, refund and cancellation processes. This way, you can have an informed perspective to the problem points and reasons for customer loss in your online store.

Snowplow Event Tracker

Snowplow Event Tracker, a Shopify Analytics app that provides detailed tracking of page views, checkout rates, analysis of order and refund processes and more. This Shopify Analytics app, too, focuses closely on the customer experience to give a clear and concise view of what your online store needs for better retention and conversion rates.


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