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SEO Performance Tracking 📊

The result of every action and strategy that you track in digital marketing will be reflected in the metrics, and any changes you might make from these metrics can be understood much easier. In a previous post, we emphasized the most important KPIs of SEO teams.
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The 10 Most Important SEO KPIs You Should Be Tracking

It's not enough to make technical changes and develop content to be SEO-ready. Keep up-to-date with the changes made, ensure compliance with the algorithm, determine how your metrics are affected by the changes, and establish a KPI in line with your growth goals.
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What is the duplicate meta titles?

A good strategy is to avoid duplicate page titles (meta titles), since the more duplicate content and duplicate page titles (meta titles) on your site, the lower these pages will be ranked in the search engine's ranking. For example, let your product category page where you rank Gifts For Father's Day.

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