Identify the Keywords with High CTR and Low Impression Share

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Ä°smail Atasoy
Nov 25, 2022

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Are you confident that you're using the right strategies and getting the most out of your keywords? Don't overlook the importance of click-through rate (CTR) and impression share (IS) in determining keyword performance.

CTR measures the number of clicks your ad gets compared to how many times it's shown, while IS represents the percentage of total impressions your ad received.

For effective keyword promotion, you need both a high CTR and a high IS. If your IS is low, it's time to reevaluate your strategy.

How to Identify the Keywords with High CTR and Low IS

1) The first thing you need to do is register to choose heybooster to guide you and keep track of your steps!

2) Secondly, connect the data sources and heybooster by clicking the Integrations title from the left side menu. Yes, they are all ready to be connected on a single screen and with one click 😊

3) Third, click the Insight Categories title to run the Black Friday Performance package.

4) Then click on Conversion-oriented keywords with high CTR.

5) And it's that simple! Now, thanks to heybooster, you have access to data that will reshape your strategy. If you wish, you can instantly be informed about the changes and take quick action with the options of sending daily, weekly and monthly alerts by clicking on the Set a Notification option.

Why Is It Important to Identify the Keywords with High CTR and Low IS?

1) Get Faster Results🚀

Normally, when you try to promote your products using a keyword, you may not be so sure of the results you will get. Because you apply different strategies to promote your products in accordance with users' search intents and sometimes you may not achieve 100% success.

However, keywords with a high CTR rate are those that have already brought you a certain amount of success.

All they tell you is “Hey, introduce me to more people!” because these have proven your success. So, since they are already performing well, all you have to do is increase impression share and continue performance tracking. This way, the whole process will go much faster.

2) Take Action Quickly🏃

During discount seasons, having users come to your site and browse your products is critical. However, Google algorithm changes can impact keyword performance.

That's why it's crucial to track keyword performance regularly and make necessary changes.

With heybooster, you can easily detect keywords and receive notifications of changes. In the eCommerce world, success is a journey that requires careful steps.

3) Unlock the True Potential of KeywordsđŸ€‘

Don't settle for good results when your keywords have untapped potential. A high CTR rate doesn't mean you're maximizing your reach. Think of it like playing basketball on a single hoop when you have a whole court to use. By expanding your strategy and increasing impression share, you can achieve absolute success.

Make the moves to dominate the court and reach more users!

4) Stay in the RaceđŸ’Ș

Especially during periods of great discounts for a limited time, such as Black Friday, users search to purchase. If the products they find are interesting and fit their search intent, the purchasing process takes place much faster than usual.

Therefore, being visible to users during these periods is of great importance.

It would be wise to detect keywords with a high CTR rate but low impression shares and then execute strategies to increase this IS rate. Thus, you can be visible on the SERP and increase the number of conversions. 😊

The benefits of maximizing impression share for keywords

When it comes to keyword performance, maximizing impression share can really work wonders. Here are some of the benefits you can expect:

Faster results: By focusing on keywords with high click-through rate but low impression share, you can quickly improve your ad's performance and get better results.

More visibility: With a higher impression share, your ads will be shown to more users, giving you more chances to attract potential customers.

Increased authority: When your ads appear more frequently on the search engine results page, you'll be seen as an authoritative figure in your niche.

Better return on investment: By maximizing impression share for your keywords, you'll increase the chances of converting users into customers, leading to a better return on investment.

Increased brand awareness: The more users see your ads, the more familiar they become with your brand and the products or services you offer.


‍To summarize, it is also critical to track how often users encounter these keywords, rather than just analyzing whether they are engaging or not. In this way, you can create strategies that will bring keywords closer to their potential and ensure that you do not lag behind your competitors on the SERP.

One of the best ways to do this is to detect keywords that have low impression share despite having a high CTR ratio and take action to improve your performance.

Of course, we are sure that you have already decided to do all this with heybooster completely automatically and very quickly.

‍We can't wait to meet you and boost your performance!


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