Meta Ads

Meta Ads
9 min read

Why Are Your Facebook Ads Getting Clicks but No Conversions (Including Solutions!)

Are you getting clicks on your Facebook ads but no conversions? Don’t worry! We will explain why and offers solutions for improving your ad campaign.
Meta Ads
7 min read

Why Your Facebook Ads Bounce Rate Is So High? (Track & Reduce It!)

There are many reasons why your Facebook Ads have a high bounce rate. Let's learn them together!
Meta Ads
6 min read

Finding Sales Opportunities through Facebook Ads

You should stop promoting products that have low conversion rates and focus on different products. So, you can create new sales opportunities by promoting them.
Meta Ads
1 min read

Which Ad Content Have Highest Performance?

Did you know that Heybooster now also produces analytics for your Facebook ads? Would you like to determine which ads you set up to increase your sales or which ads you use to increase your brand awareness perform best by your target audience?

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