How To Keep Under Control CPC Increases Of Facebook Ads Campaigns?

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İsmail Atasoy
Mar 28, 2023

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Facebook ads are an effective tool for being visible to your users and generating leads for yourself. With Facebook ads, you can reach your targeted audiences much more effectively and thus, you can make moves to increase your business performance. However, it is very important to keep your Facebook ads under control and to be sure of how the situation is on this path where you aim to take firm steps for the future. Because you may be spending a fortune on Facebook ads without realizing it.

Facebook CPC (Cost Per Click) is the amount you pay each time users click on your Facebook ads. If your Facebook ad Cpc is too high, it may mean that you are wasting money that is irreversible to you without realizing it. That's why it's critical to regularly control and optimize the cost-per-click of ads. Otherwise, you cannot be sure exactly how you are performing and whether your plans to grow your business marketing are working. In this article, we will talk about the important points you need to know about Facebook advertising CPC. Let's start then!

How To Avoid Sudden CPC Changes Issues In Facebook Ads?

Manually checking the CPC of your Facebook ads can be time consuming for you. It will be a much more effective strategy for you to have an assistant who will notify you at critical times when you need to take action, instead of constantly checking this. That's why heybooster is here! Thanks to heybooster's CPC Changes of Facebook Campaigns Insight, you can see your campaigns that have increased their cost per click by more than 20% in the last 7 days, on a single screen, so you can see and optimize campaigns with increased CPC costs. In this way, you can learn this situation, which will cause a loss of effort and time manually, with just a few clicks and prepare to take action.

How to Be Notified When Facebook Ads CPC Increased Suddenly?

heybooster is with you to constantly monitor the changes in Facebook advertising CPC and to keep the spikes under control! By creating an alert with heybooster, you can receive regular notifications about the changes in the CPCs of your Facebook ads via Slack or email, and you can be informed about the changes at any time. Moreover, you can easily handle this with just a few clicks. Let's see what these steps are?

1) The first thing you need to do to choose heybooster as your companion who will increase your business marketing performance and take solid steps is to register!

2) Secondly, connect heybooster with Facebook Ads by clicking on the Integrations title from the menu on the left.

3) Third, run the Facebook Ads Performance package from the Insight Categories title on the left side menu.

4) Click on CPC Changes Of Facebook Campaigns from the page that shows the reports related to Facebook ads.

5) Finally click on Set a Notification.

That's how easy it is to get alerts with heybooster. Now, when there is a change in the CPCs of your Facebook ads, you can receive notifications directly via e-mail or Slack and have an idea of how the situation is going.

What is Good CPC For Facebook Ads        

Although we do not want to give a cliché answer that this may change depending on the industry you are in and the power of your business in the market, this is actually the case. Because every industry and every business has different dynamics in its own way, and it would not be the right approach to set a limit by giving clear figures. However, if we give an average value, according to the data announced by Revealbot data, the average Facebook ads CPC cost for all industries is $0.97 in 2022. Since this data is the average of cost across all industries, it is difficult to come to a clear conclusion. A CPC rate that is quite efficient for another industry may not be very efficient and effective for you. Because the audience you are trying to appeal to and the area you serve may cause your Facebook ads CPC cost to be much more or less than this figure. Therefore, it will be much more accurate to determine the range of numbers that are efficient for your business in a planned and controlled manner over time.      

How To Reduce CPC Of Facebook Ads?

By reducing the Facebook ads CPC rate, you can both direct your budget to different areas and increase the profit rate you will get by reducing the cost of advertisements. Here are some tips to lower the Facebook ads CPC rate!

1) Focus on the target audience of your ads!

Trying to appeal to a much larger and diverse user base may not be a very beneficial method for you in the long run. Because this method may cause you to not reach the people that should be your main focus and increase your advertising cost. However, it would be wiser to create a much narrower audience and optimize your ads accordingly. In addition, by preparing specific user-oriented ads, you can offer your potential customers a better user experience with personalized ads.

2) Create a catchy CTA

By turning users into potential customers, you can ensure that your Facebook ads work effectively, and you can guarantee a positive return on the budget you spend on ads. That's why it's so important for users to interact with your ads. That's why you need to create Call to Action sentences that attract users' attention and direct them directly to your website. You need to not only sell a certain product to users, but also make them feel that you know what their needs are or that you understand their problems and that you have the necessary solutions. So instead of just saying "Buy this product", it's critical to try to capture them from different angles. That's why you should strive to create a much more effective CTA.

3) Increase Facebook ad CTR

Increasing Facebook ad CTR (Click Through Rate) can be a very effective strategy to reduce advertising costs. As the number of people clicking on your ads increases, Facebook considers your ads relevant and reduces your CPC (Cost Per Click) rate. Thus, your ads are considered high-quality and targeted. However, if your Facebook ads have a low CTR rate, Facebook considers these ads as low quality and not compatible with users' wishes and intentions, and the CPC rate increases. This will increase your advertising cost. Therefore, you can try different strategies to increase the CTR rate, such as using clear and simple sentences and communicating your content clearly to users.

However, just using these and other strategies like these may not be enough. Because focusing only on specific issues can cause you to miss other important points. That's why heybooster is here to show you other points to focus on! With heybooster you can see not only where there are deficiencies, but also how these deficiencies can be improved. heybooster provides information on how you can improve the CPC costs of Facebook ads with its Actionable Insights. Thus, you can act quickly on the missing points and take the right steps without waiting to increase your business marketing performance in general. In other words, with Actionable Insights, you can now take a much more detailed look at points that may be overlooked instead of focusing only on specific problems and their solutions. Let's let heybooster do wonders for you!

Now it's time to let heybooster do wonders with one click!


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