7 Google Ads Reports You Need to Track to Optimize Your Conversion Rates

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Şahin Seçil
Mar 20, 2023

If you’re running Google Ads campaigns, you know how important it is to track and optimize your conversion rates.

Knowing which ads and keywords are working and which ones need improvement is essential if you want to get the most out of your campaigns. Fortunately, Google Ads offers a variety of reports that can help you track your campaigns and see which are performing well.

From click-through rate to cost per conversion, these reports will help you analyze your campaigns and make the necessary optimizations to maximize your ROI. Let’s discuss the most important and influential Google Ads reports you need to track to optimize your conversion rates!

What Are Google Ads Reports?

Google Ads reports allow you to track and analyze your campaigns. There are a variety of reports available, each with different metrics and data that can be used to assess your campaigns and identify areas for improvement. They allow you to monitor and track key performance metrics which are essential to tracking the success of your campaigns.

Click-Through Rate (CTR) Report

The click-through rate (CTR) report is an essential Google Ads report that tracks the rate at which people click on your ads. The CTR report allows you to see what percentage of people are clicking on each ad, including the text of your ad and the landing page URL.

CTR report can be 100% helpful for identifying issues with your ads, such as a poor ad title or a landing page that isn’t relevant to the ad. If a significant number of people are clicking on an ad but aren’t converting, you may need to make adjustments to either the ad or the landing page. The CTR report will help you determine what changes you need to make and see which ads are performing best.

Cost Per Click (CPC) Report

The cost-per-click (CPC) report tracks the amount each ad costs per click, which allows you to determine the ads generating the most clicks. It can help you identify ads that are generating a high amount of clicks but aren’t converting. So they aren’t bringing in revenue.

Ideally, you want ads that are generating clicks but aren’t converting to have a low click cost, giving you the most clicks for your budget. To make this happen, you should be tracking your CPC closely.

Conversion Rate (CVR) Report

A conversion rate (CVR) report shows how many people come to your website after clicking on your advertisement. This report allows you to see which ads are bringing in the most conversions and which landing pages are receiving the highest percentage of conversions.  Identifying the ads and landing pages generating the most conversions will help you decide which to focus on.

If your aim in tracking conversion rates is to detect your mistakes and improve your conversion rates, here is another blog post from heybooster! You can learn how to increase conversion rates with just a few simple steps.

Cost Per Conversion (CPA) Report

CPA reports help you estimate how much each ad costs per conversion. This report tracks the total cost of the campaign and divides it by the number of conversions received.

With the CPA report, you’ll know which campaigns are generating the most revenue for your business and which ones need improvement. You can use the CPA report to identify campaigns that are generating a significant number of conversions but aren’t profitable, allowing you to make adjustments to improve their performance.

Search Impression Share Report

The search impression share report allows you to track how often your ads are displayed on Google Search results pages (SERPs). This report will tell you how many times your ads are being displayed on SERPs, along with the percentage of impressions compared to the number of ads being displayed overall.

Also, you will be able to see if your ads appear on SERPs at the same rate as your competitors'. You can use the search impression share report to determine if you need to increase the number of ads you are running or if you are currently running too many.

Having a deeper knowledge of impression share may be beneficial when it comes to comprehending IS reports to increase revenue. Here, heybooster explains why impression share is important regarding the keywords with high CTR.

Ad Performance Report

The ad performance report allows you to track the performance of specific ads. In this report, you will see the click-through rate, cost per click, and performance of a specific ad. This report can be helpful when comparing ads to determine which ones are performing better than others. You can use the ad performance report when you're testing different ad variations to find out which one performs best.

Avg. Position Report

The average position report allows you to track the average position of your ads. It will show you how often your ads appear at the top of the page and how often they appear at other positions on the page.

This report can be helpful when you want to compare different campaigns, as the report will allow you to see how often your ads are being displayed at the top of the SERPs. Also, you can take this report into consideration when you want to test out new ad variations because the average position report allows you to see where new ads are being displayed.


Google Ads reports are helpful tools that allow you to track and analyze your Google Ads campaigns.

The Google Ads reports we’ve discussed in this article are essential to tracking your campaigns and optimizing your conversion rates. You can track the most crucial metrics with the help of these reports and analyze your Google Ads performance.

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