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Even if you are doing everything right on ads or SEO, your revenue may not increase as you expected. But why? Before alarming your team, consider the reason behind the visitor does not complete the purchase.

During my life as a digital analyst, I've received many similar emails with the subject "Abnormal Revenue Loss, Please check out". Although the reason behind the low conversion rate could vary, I can highlight some typical problems on their Google Analytics account I have found, but my clients noticed late, usually a few weeks after the problem occurred.

#1 Promoted Products Without Any Conversion

Your most viewed product may not drive conversions, it reduces the conversion rate. It could be about out of stock, understock or pricing competition. You should be controlled which product you promote on your ads, social media etc. Are these products your top products, if so, do they have enough stock and available wide range of sizes?

#2 High Loading Speed of Top Landing Page

Especially when you start a new campaign and have a new page to promote your campaign, an unexpected technical problem cause your page loading time to increase. However, the fact that 70% of consumers admit, page speed impacts their willingness to buy from an online retailer. So while you are looking for the problem on your Google Ads campaigns, the problem could be on the page your ads landed.

#3 Internal Site Search High Exit Rate

In a study conducted by eConsultancy, visitors who conduct a search on the site are 1.8% more likely to convert than others. However, it happens only the internal site search results relate to your visitors’ search. Site search not only empowers your conversion rate it also helps you to explore your direct customers’ needs.

How to understand it is one of the reasons behind your conversion rate? Check out the exit rate of search terms if it is higher than the industry standard, it means your user didn’t satisfy with the result page and exited your site.

#4 MultiChannel Promotion for Landing Pages

When you are only visible on one of the channels your potential customers use, you can't expect to see positive results. Competition is increasing and your customers will always look for alternative solutions that could be more affordable & attractive for them.

Promoting your website to only one platform can also cause your conversion rate to decrease, be sure about your landing page is getting sessions from multiple platforms. Ps. ensure your sessions is made not only by new users but also remarketing audiences.

#5 Number of Products Active on Your Ads

How many of your products are promoted to your users? It is a crucial but mostly ignored reason for the low conversion rate. If you offer only one or two alternatives for user search, you are decreasing your possible conversions. Furthermore, even if you have a wide variety of products, an issue on the ads platform might limit you to promoting just a few.

Keep it on track so you can react fast before it causes a disaster. :)

#6 (Measurement) Payment Referral

Especially important for paid marketers, if your google ads revenue dropped sharply but nothing else changed. It might be just about the configuration of your analytics. However, it’s an important configuration to set because It causes you to lose the original traffic sources which brought you transactions and assign all of them to the payment system like (bank3d).

#7 UX Issues on Funnel Steps

It may be all about ‘add to cart’ button. When you see the conversion rate drop, just check out the expected behaviour of your user.

  • Were they able to view the product?
  • Were they able to add the product to the cart?
  • Were they able to write their billing detail?
  • Were they able to make a purchase?

If there is a specific drop on these steps of your user’s shopping experience, It is probably the reason behind the low conversion rate. In addition, if it is noticed not on time, that will leave marketing & IT teams in a lurch.

These 7 points were my experience but I realized after my calls with our partner in heybooster, these are common and repeatable problems and most of the team are not able to catch them on time and looking for solutions.

If you also experience at least one of them, let’s have a call and discuss how I help others to have a continuous analyse and alert system for their marketing.


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