Track Digital Marketing Project's Data-Driven | In Progress

When your clients are unaware of what you are doing, they never insist that you do it. I'm not talking about the tasks you checked on your task management, I'm talking about the data which proves your work.

What was the problem and how did the results change after you started to work on it?

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Data-driven marketing teams have a competitive advantage by providing analytics and insights. Insights let you create stories for your clients and stories affect the team to get action. By creating stories around data, your team will communicate around data and learn from data itself… To make it a part of your team, use “in-progress” that you can choose the insights to focus your team on.

If you or your team started to improve it, change these insights’ status to ‘In progress’ so it makes it easier to track the progress on recent projects. It will also help the team to lead client’s meetings on one screen and data-driven without preparing any presentation.

Try to manage your data-driven projects here and move your first insight to in progress.



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