Top 3 Product Insights to maximize ROI

Google Ads
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Neslihan Emikoglu
Jan 20, 2022

During my conversations with eCommerce business owners and marketing managers, They are surprised most often by the most viewed products on the website, which aren't their best sellers or are already out of stock.

Driving the right traffic to the right product is the source of revenue for eCommerce business, not just listing the right stuff on your website. Although the popular smart ads algorithms choose the products that convert best, they don't know how profitable they are; on the other hand, the agency partner of these businesses may not know the product base business objectives.

However, products are the most important assets on an ecommerce website. With the below insights, the owners and marketing managers will have control over the traffic they drive on the product pages.

I assume you are the one of them and these insights will help you to maximize ROI.

#Insight 1. Most Viewed Products: The most viewed product pages with the channel they drive traffic. You may probably expect the most viewed products to sell the most. This insight will help you to figure out the most viewed products’ performance. Two question managers like you should be ask;

  • What are the products we want to promote most? I mean, are they our real top products?
  • Why do most view products have 0 transactions?

#Insight 2. Promoted Products Without Any Conversion: These products wasted most of your budget. Because of stockout or understock with only a few sizes available, they don’t have any conversion including adding to cart but you are keeping to bid for them on smart campaigns. You may want to create another campaign for them with manual bidding or totally excluding them from your feed.

#Insight 3. The number of products that are visible on ads has dropped significantly. While your potential customers search for products you have, they will not be able to see your products. This insight lets you know the change of the number of products on the ads. If you are not sold out, but get this warning, go to the merchant center and adjust your feed. You have certainly experienced something unexpected, as you are now displaying fewer products in your ads.

I am confident that optimizing the product ads with these insights continuously, will maximize your ROI. You don’t need to spend hours to analyse and find out the result of these all daily bases or just   connect with heybooster and catch the insight on time!



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