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Here's the thing that can cause you to miss out on opportunities.

Take a look at your Google Analytics closely and you'll see your traffic suddenly drops or spikes. This can hurt your eCommerce sales if you're running a campaign.

Here are the most common issues;

  • Even the best conversion marketing campaigns lose impressions because of daily budget limits.
  • A single keyword can blow your budget.
  • Trendy products can be out of stock.

You can get notified of those changes with Google Analytics alerts.

But if you use Google Analytics alert, you'll find that it's not what you expected. You have to set all the change scenarios manually or you can check all the notification that covers everything from average session length to countries page views that is not useful.

heybooster unearths the changes and highlights the most impactful one. So you don't have to miss out.

If you'd like more, pick a time when you've got a 15-minute coffee talk break.

Until then, for the love of data :)

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