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Nov 18, 2021

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We'd love to hear your questions, feedback. However, it was hard for us to answer every single question. Thank you for your interest!

Through our conversation, we found the 4 most commonly asked questions.

🌮 What should I do first?

1) We highly suggest you start with a Google Analytics audit. “If you can't measure it, you can't manage it” Peter Drucker

2) Connect your marketing sources: Google Analytics, Google Ads, Search Console, and Facebook ads. Send your request for more data sources like Amazon, Shopify.

3) Get your marketing audit to review analysis which is categorized by urgent alerts, warnings, opportunities, and actionable reports.

4)Set up your main marketing goals; heybooster will track them for you and provide a monthly prediction

5) Last but not least, set a notification to get an alert for changes.

🌮 We mostly compared with AI-based reporting tools, anomaly alert tools, and Paid ads optimization tools. How do we compare?

Anomaly detection tools are great at tracking KPIs and goals. heybooster dig deeper into these metrics and show you daily insights. We'll help you improve performance, identify issues & find opportunities.

AI-based reporting solutions have nice reporting screens however in heybooster we focused much more on giving actionable insights that can be discovered after interpreting these reports.

Ads optimization tools like Opteo, Optmyzr, and Adzooma; their main goal is to help you to stay in control and manage more accounts in less time for the Ads platform. In comparison to ads optimization tools, we provide you with critical insights from your marketing channels like organic search (SEO), social media ads, direct traffic. Also show you the opportunities to improve your ads performance, website conversion, and product sales.

TL;DR We interpret data for you as a marketing analyst on your team.

🌮 What does it mean 'custom insight'?

heybooster provides custom insights as well as automated insights. While automated insights detect changes and analysis by ML and system-defined conditions, Custom insights enable you to set the conditions to control the changes in your data that matter for your business.

🌮 Why does your logo so closely resemble a Ninja Turtle?

heybooster's powered by +50 marketing analysts who are ninjas in their fields. So, here we come up with this logo that reminds us of these ninjas :)

🌮  And last but not least, regardless of the number of data connections, if our community wants to integrate with Microsoft Ads or other data connections, we’re going to do it.

Our purpose is to be part of the marketing teams' daily routine, and our roadmap is all driven by the community.

Feel free to send us a feature request !

Join us! and let’s build the future of marketing analytics together 🤜🏻🤛🏻


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