Is your Google Analytics working correctly? How do you check?

Neslihan Emikoglu
Feb 10, 2022

You’ve installed Google Analytics to track and understand your user behavior to improve your website but what if your tracking tool, in this case, Google Analytics setup is wrong, any decision based on this broken data will be broken too.

Even if you set everything right once, your website is continually changing and tiny little design updates may make your data inaccurate again.

Do you really want to make decisions based upon false data? Who wants? You can hire someone to control only data accuracy daily basis or you can use a heybooster to check and guide you daily. heybooster will alert you before the tiny measurement problem becomes a C-Level meeting topic.

There are a few common issues that we see on our users as a result of heybooster Google Analytics Audit;

#1 GDPR Compliance: Fun fact; you can log in to your user’s accounts if you add their email & password to the Page URL. Yes, you can but it does not end with fun :) Because of GDPR regulation, it is mandatory to control the data you send to Google Analytics.

#2 Bounce Rate: Bounce rate is not a metric you trust if you don’t set up correctly. And if you see it surprisingly like 4-5% trust me, it definitely does not mean only 4 of 100 users leaving your website without viewing the second page. It is broken.

#3 Payment Referral: Woops! Critical especially for paid marketers, if you saw a sharp drop on your google ads revenue but no change in overall. Don’t blame yourself, it might be just about analytics, heybooster alert you about the reason related to analytics. And that’s how you can solve it.

heybooster controls over 30 different points about your data quality & analytics integration, and gives you a report that highlights the problems and successes.

Reminder, It is not a one-time audit! Heybooster will repeat it daily and send you notification if something is broken or fixed :)

Create your account and start with an analytics audit to ensure the accuracy and configuration of your analytics. The good news, it is fully free!🎉


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