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Charu Mitra Dubey
Jul 25, 2022

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Tracking and analyzing performance is crucial for any eCommerce business.

After all, how are you going to know what to optimize if you don’t know what’s working and what isn’t?

This is why companies create reports. Companies collect all the data, put it in docs or sheets, and generate monthly, quarterly, or yearly reports.

However, when it comes to tracking your website performance using tools like Google Analytics, monitoring the reports regularly and relentlessly is essential. This is because your website stats are dynamic and missing important insights could result in a decline in leads, conversion, and ultimately revenue.

There helps heybooster’s Weekly Marketing Reports.

But let's be honest– tracking, analyzing, and then turning the data into valuable insights is no cakewalk. It takes time, and effort to create reports, and this isn’t possible or is extremely difficult to do every week especially if you’re handling multiple clients and not having a huge team.

So how to make this easier?

Meet heybooster Weekly Reports.

How To Get Weekly Analytics Report In heybooster?

Among the dozens of useful insights that heybooster offers you, one of the most critical is Weekly Executive Insights. Thanks to these insights that prepare the summary of the week for you, creating new strategies will be much easier than you think. Then let's see how to get weekly Analytics report with heybooster!

1) The first thing you need to do to choose heybooster as your travel companion is to register.

2) In the second step, click on Integrations from the left menu and connect data sources with heybooster.

3)In the third step, click on Insight Categories and run the Weekly Executive Insights package.

That's how simple it is to get a weekly Analytics report. Now you can access the metrics that show the important points for you and learn the details you want!

Don't forget to be notified instantly when there is any change by activating the Set a Notification option😊

What is heybooster Weekly Marketing Report?

It is a weekly summary report with some specific points, easy to read and understand: not the complete dashboard. It includes insights like website traffic, SEO, ad performance, etc. during a given week.

  • It’s helpful because it shows you the metrics that can help you detect opportunities you can leverage; not the metrics that do not affect your business.
  • The report is customizable so you can determine the insights that you want to receive weekly.

As a user, I'm curious how it looks. A screenshot of the heybooster weekly report would be helpful to understand.

Why Getting Weekly Analytics Report Is Important?    

It's crucial to receive a weekly analytics report for several reasons. In the first place, it enables you to monitor important performance indicators for your company, such as web traffic and conversion rates. You may use this data to evaluate the success of your marketing and advertising activities and spot patterns and potential improvement areas.  

Second, getting weekly Analytics report may assist you in staying updated of market and competitor developments so you can decide how to adjust your business plan with knowledge.  

Finally, a weekly report of Analytics can offer helpful information that will enable you to make data-driven decisions, enhance your business processes, and spur development. Overall, receiving a weekly analytics report is crucial to managing a successful company in today's fierce marketplace.        

Which Metrics Does Includes Weekly Analytics Report?      

The KPIs in a weekly analytics report might change based on the particular requirements of your company and the objectives you're aiming to meet. Website traffic, conversion rates, customer acquisition costs, click-through rates, and revenue are some  typical metrics that are frequently included in a weekly analytics report.

A weekly analytics report may also contain details on the effectiveness of particular marketing strategies, the demographics and browsing habits of visitors to your website, and the effectiveness of particular web pages. A weekly analytics report's metrics should generally be carefully chosen to offer the most essential and useful information for your company.

Why Are Weekly Reports of Google Analytics Important For an eCommerce Website?

As mentioned above, website insights are dynamic, and having an overview of all the important metrics is essential to maintaining growth. If you don’t monitor the insights often, you might miss important changes and this can affect your overall growth and revenue by the time you notice.

Moreover, automating the process of getting weekly reports on Google Analytics can help you save a lot of time and you could use that time on something else. Other than these, here are a few more benefits of having weekly reports

  1. Make better decisions: Tracking relevant key performance indicators weekly allows eCommerce businesses to improve the decision-making process while engaging all the stakeholders in the process.
  2. Spot improvement opportunities: A weekly report allows you to track all the KPIs and once you check all the statuses, you can trace the scope of improvement. Alongside, you will also be able to track the issues here. For example, if there’s a sudden drop in the organic traffic, you’ll know that there’s some problem it needs to be fixed otherwise it could lead to a drop in conversions.
  3. Show your actual efforts: As an eCommerce Marketing Manager, you have to put a lot of effort into creating and implementing various marketing strategies and your clients should know this. A weekly marketing report shows them that your efforts are paying off. They articulate how all the marketing campaigns are fulfilling goals, generating leads, and increasing revenue.

Important Insights to Track for eCommerce Marketing Managers

Your weekly marketing reports should be able to provide you with crucial insights that you can use to plan ahead.

But what are those essential insights that you need to track for an eCommerce business?

Below are the most common insights reviewed weekly by eCommerce Marketing Managers;

Improvement in Keyword Rankings

Ranking on the search engine results page for targeted keywords is one of the most used methods of generating highly targeted traffic to an eCommerce website. And this is why one of the core responsibilities of any marketing manager is to track keyword rankings as much as possible.

How is it helpful: Improvement in keyword rankings for any category means that the product category will be more visible to your potential customers. This insight will help you find all those keywords that have started to rank higher. means that the category will be more visible to your potential customers. This insight will help track all those keywords.

Keywords Improved In Ranking

heybooster weekly report will send you a list of all the keywords that have started to rank higher in the last 7 days. The report also shows-

  • Impressions
  • Previous period impressions
  • Position
  • Previous period positions
  • Position difference

Deterioration in Keyword Rankings

Let’s be honest– deterioration in keyword rankings is like a real heartbreak for any marketing manager. As soon as a marketer sees a drop in keyword rankings, they want to get it back at the position it was earlier. But here’s the thing, if you don’t check it regularly it might get too late for you and this can lead to a loss of potential customers.

How is it helpful: It helps you to explore all the keywords whose ranks have deteriorated so that you can identify the issue and work on fixing it.

heybooster’s weekly report automatically sends you a list of keywords that have deteriorated from their positions in the last 7 days.

Just like the improvement in the keyword rankings report, it also shares the other relevant details to keyword rankings.

Growing Product Categories

Growing Product Categories

An eCommerce business could have several product categories listed on its website but each and every product category won’t generate an equal volume of sales. There will always be some product categories that have higher sales than the rest.

So eCommerce marketing managers must track the top categories in terms of sales and work relentlessly to improve their sales further.

How is it helpful: If a product category grows unexpectedly high, this insight will help you to alert the category team to renew the inventory and highlight this category on your website so that you can meet the demands and leverage the opportunity to the fullest.

With heybooster Weekly Reports, you get a detailed view of the product categories with the highest number of sales and other details like:

  • Product detail views
  • Previous period detail view
  • Change of detail view
  • Add to cart
  • Previous period add to cart
  • Quantity
  • Previous period quantity
  • Revenue
  • Previous period revenue
  • Change of revenue
  • Growth score

New Trending Categories

Product Categories With Unusual Revenue Growth

Seasons change and so does the needs of the customers and this is why some categories may show up and get more views than others. To focus more on the trending categories and get better results, you need to keep tracking trending categories.

How is it helpful: If some categories start to trend or have a sudden increase in views, you should highlight them in your ads and website or design a new campaign to catch the attention of the people who viewed the category. This insight will help you do the same.

heybooster analyzes each category’s growth rate on daily basis and send you a report with the trending categories list and other related details like-

  • Product category
  • Quantity
  • Previous period of quantity
  • Product revenue
  • Previous period of product revenue
  • Revenue change
  • Average price
  • Previous period of average period

Most Viewed Products

Most Viewed Products

By figuring out which products on your website has the highest number of views, you’ll be able to make better-informed decisions and these decisions could help you maximize your sales and boost revenue.

How is it helpful: The product categories that generate the most number of views are the ones that generate the most revenue and this is why you should focus more on selling these products. This insight help you to evaluate the product that gets the maximum traffic from various marketing channels.

heybooster’s weekly report shows a list of the most viewed products in the last 7 days. This gives you an overall view of all the products that are popular on your website along with all other necessary details like-

  • Product views
  • Adds to cart
  • Cart to detail rate
  • Buy to detail rate
  • Unique purchases

Revenue Change

It all boils down to the bottom line, ultimately and a report without mentioning the revenue change is incomplete. You need to show how your marketing efforts are paying off and there’s no better way to show it than showing it from the revenue growth.

Also, if there’s a drop in the revenue because of any reason, you’ll know this at a very early stage and this will allow you to improve your strategy before it’s too late.

How is it helpful: Which channels have the best ROI and how their performance has changed in comparison with the previous week? This insight will help you find those channels and optimize their performance for improving results.

Get heybooster’s weekly revenue report with details like:

  • Source/medium of traffic
  • Revenue generated in the last 7 days
  • Revenue generated in the previous period
  • Change in the revenue percentage

To Conclude:

Tracking, measuring, and analyzing reports are crucial for the growth of any eCommerce business. And as an eCommerce marketing manager, it’s your responsibility to keep a track of your overall performance. Although insights provided by Google Analytics contain a wealth of information for your website, it needs knowledge and expertise to turn that info into actionable insights.

With heybooster’s weekly summary, you get all the necessary insights that can help you successfully manage your website performance.

You can either do it yourself by connecting your analytics or get in contact with us and we’ll assist you with a one-on-one conversation and help you leverage your data to maximize the revenue. Let’s talk!


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