How do you identify critical marketing issues?

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Quick recap; heybooster interprets your pages of dashboards and list the actionable insight for you. The average client has access to more than 500 insights in their heybooster account.

But who can take a look at 500 different insights, let's make it easier?

heybooster prioritizes the insights for you and categorizes them by their impacts; urgency, warning, and opportunity. Go to my insights page and use quick filters to learn what you should address first.

heybooster controls each of these insights every day and changes the priority based on their impact.

Here's a concrete example; you received an alert that indicated your campaign was losing visibility in the early hours of the day; you optimized your campaign, and now it is visible somewhat later, but still earlier than the time most of your users make purchases. It is not an urgency but still important to increase your conversions.

In case you are too busy to check all the analyses yourself, we are here to help you. Let’s meet and discuss the insights we found important for your account, select the most suitable time for you.



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