How Altınbaş achieved 2x campaign ROAS with a heybooster insight

Emre Can Kartal
Dec 26, 2023

Brand search campaigns are typically the highest converting for a brand. The rate at which these brand search campaigns appear to customers is directly related to the revenue generated from the campaign.

Problem: For instance, your brand is searched 100 times a month on Google, and your brand search campaign appears in 60 of these searches, your Impression Share would be 60%. This is not ideal for a brand search campaign. Altınbaş, like all eCommerce brands, often experienced the problem. 

Approach: heybooster provides insights that enable eCommerce brands to sell more products. It offers dozens of insights, especially regarding brand campaigns, which are one of the easiest ways to increase product sales. It detects when your brand campaigns' impression share drops and sends you notifications. This way, you don't have to check each brand campaign individually.

Solution: heybooster discovered that the impression share for one of Altınbaş's brand campaigns was below 50%. The Altınbaş digital marketing team quickly increased the campaign budget, boosting the impression share to 80%.

The small change doubled the ROAS from the campaign!

Key Results:

  • 2x ROAS
  • 50%+ More Visibility
  • Efficient Work!

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