How do agencies use heybooster to automate reporting?

Preparing weekly, monthly reports and making long meetings to overview them for clients is one of the stressful moments in my agency experience... I have spent hundreds of hours creating report templates for my clients and trying to reduce the time as much as possible.

I still had to make tens of adjustments each time, and they also wanted to meet me and listen to the performance review. It just made our life busier for both sides.

How did I report effectively with heybooster?

Actionable insights are not just alerts that for your optimization opportunity, actionable insights are also reports with a context. “

When I share only one insight with my clients, they digest it quickly, use it, and want to explore by themselves!

Here is an example of what I mean; let's assume my client's core expectation from my agency is increasing SEO performance. They wonder about which keywords will improve our position, they don’t spare time to find it in reports screens, they will probably ask you... just share the link from heybooster.

They will be able to view only the insights we shared with them, the insight is clear, direct, and only one goal to show the improved keywords.

If you believe the question will be asked next week (probably, will be:) then set a notification, we can send it for you to your clients!

I devoted myself to finding the optimum data-driven communication to make our clients happy, that’s why I tried thousands of ways. Here is one of my emails that I sent to the client, got positive feedback, and returned. I am confident that this helps your clients too.

Hi John,

Hope all is well, I would like to share an insight that demonstrates the improved keywords! This week we are in have a better position on 10 different keywords.

Improved Keywords;

You can follow the keywords with this link (i suggest you bookmark:) but I set a notification for you, it will be in your inbox weekly if we improve our position in a specific keyword.

If you wonder about the ads performance of these keywords just let me know, I will send you another insight about it.



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