#10 Actionable Insights: Get a summary of all your marketing changes

If you would like to track your metrics daily basis and catch each of the changes on time, welcome to the club 🎉 eCommerce is so dynamic environment and any unexpected changes may cause you to waste the budget or missed the opportunity to increase ROI.

Rather than being lost on marketing dashboards, heybooster now has an update for you that shows this week’s changes in your account. It summarizes all the changes that happened; it could be positive or negative. So you don’t need the control the results of the work done, it will automatically appear.

heybooster not only tracks the main KPI changes but also the reason for each of those changes, so your insights will lead you to take action.

Let's take a closer look. For example, there is a change in “Brand campaign performance”, even if the increase in the performance of the brand campaign is not your direct KPI, it has an impact on your target ROAS so heybooster alerts you about the positive changes.

And best of all it is now available for all of our users who had already insights that showed up in the last 7 days on their account. Feel free to ask your question via live chat or just replying the email.


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