Continuous Audit for Digital Marketing

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There are a lot of different digital marketing channels you expect revenue or sessions. Even if a partner (agency or your team) takes care of all operational parts, you need to keep an eye on all. You have a specific budget that is allocated for marketing activities and you should ensure you bet on the one that pays most.

But how can you have full control over all your marketing? How do you know what you should focus on?

There are so many horror stories of unnoticed changes on your one of channel which turns upside down all your marketing performance. The study conducted by McKinsey also proved that filling ''talent gaps" and implementing "actionable metrics" are two crucial issues recently in marketing.

And now it is time to introduce heybooster marketing audit; heybooster helps you assess your current online marketing performance, pinpointing areas that need improvement and highlighting opportunities you might have taken for granted.

By conducting the daily audit with heybooster, you will get actionable insights which are categorized into sections including

  • Google Analytics Measurement Audit
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Paid Marketing (Budget) Optimization
  • Organic Performance (SEO)

Insights are bucketed into 4 different tags; urgent, warning, opportunity, perfect. So Heybooster will assist you to explore which analysis to focus your attention on.

Connect your data sources and make a quick audit to explore opportunities. You don't need to rush around anymore, when you notice a low performance or return to work after a long weekend. heybooster audit all possible analyses everyday and saves your time with interpreting the reports manually.

What you should do;

  1. Connect your data sources,
  2. Select key areas for you ( conversion rate optimization, paid marketing etc.),
  3. Run your audit.
  4. Set an alert to get notified about changes.

Once you completed;

✔️ You'll explore possible issues on your digital marketing,

✔️ You'll have one screen to lead your team with data-driven outputs,

✔️ You'll get actionable tips to help you keep improving,

✔️ heybooster keeps your finger on the pulse of what’s happening, why it’s happening and how to improve.

Let's do it! Stop stressing about handling all channels together, keep your marketing running like clockwork with heybooster.

Ps. Our data analyst team who specializes in online marketing is always up to  audit your account and discuss the results together!


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