7 Most Important eCommerce SEO KPIs You Should Track

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İsmail Atasoy
Oct 7, 2022

Having a strong SEO strategy will have many positive returns for you. A planned and controlled SEO strategy can make you visible to more users by getting higher rankings on the SERP. This indirectly means growing your business by promoting it to more people. This is one of the moves that will make you stand out and maintain your presence in the eCommerce industry where there is a constantly competitive environment. However, having a credible and authoritative image for users can be a long process. You know what they say "Rome wasn't built in a day"

During this long process, it is very critical to regularly follow the KPIs, which inform you how your SEO performance is, and to take the necessary steps according to this data. However, manually tracking and analyzing this data can be quite lengthy and demanding. Moreover, the occurrence of situations such as incorrect or incomplete interpretation of KPIs can cause you to create a completely wrong SEO strategy. That's why the helper you need, heybooster, is here for you!

With Heybooster, you can now track your KPI automatically with a few clicks and access the data you want. Thus, you will see not only where you are good, but also where you are missing or overlooked. Moreover, heybooster not only gives you data on your SEO performance but also helps you take action right away by providing actionable insights on how you can improve your gaps. So Let's learn together the details about SEO KPIs!

What Are The Most Important SEO KPIs?

1) Organic Impression
Organic Impression is the statistics of how often your website or a particular page is seen by users on SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Data on Organic Impression shows the size of the audience you can reach. Of course, having this data alone cannot do miracles for you. However, if there are situations in your SEO performance that you don't like, it may be because you can't reach enough people. People may not be able to reach your products and content because you are not visible on the SERP, and therefore you may not be able to introduce yourself to them. For such reasons, it is very important to have data on how much you have expanded your visibility network and the number of people you can reach. Moreover, if your Organic Impression number is low, you can learn the tips that will allow you to take the necessary steps to make improvements at this missing point through heybooster and take action to eliminate the problems.

2) Organic Clicks
In the eCommerce industry, click is the statistics of the number of clicks on links that lead directly to your site or a product-content page. For example, let's say you have gained a certain amount of authority and visibility on the SERP. However, if your click rate is below what you expect, this may indicate a problem. Another situation may be the low number of clicks on the internal links you offer to users on a page where you promote your content or products. In such cases, it can be inferred that the links you provide to the users are not interesting enough for them, so you have not succeeded in attracting enough people to the links, and different methods can be tried to improve this situation. Fortunately, thanks to heybooster, you can make quick decisions by getting information about how you can make improvements in the number of Organic Clicks where you do not get the performance you expect.

3) Organic Search Avg. position
Organic search average position is the name given to the average position on the SERP of the links that direct users directly to your site or to your products and content. Increasing your visibility on the SERP linearly is one of the main goals of every eCommerce company. However, this may not always be possible. Knowing your general position on the SERP gives you an idea about the user network you can reach, and can also be used as data to measure your SEO performance. Thanks to Heybooster, you can find out your average position on the SERP and moreover, if you do not find your performance in this KPI enough, you can learn how to improve it with just a few clicks.

4) Sessions
The term "session" refers to the total number of new and recurring visitors to your website. The first 30 minutes after login into a site is considered a session by Google Analytics. If there is no action for 30 minutes, the session will be terminated. Unlike "new user," another Google Analytics indicator, it covers not just people who visit your site for the first time, but also those who have previously visited. Thus, you can monitor the behavior of your visitors and make the necessary improvements to provide a better experience for your users. By using Heybooster's session prediction, you will gain insight into how people interact with your site, as well as ways to swiftly focus on techniques that will engage users if this metric is low.

5) Conversion Rate
Conversion rate is the statistics of the number of users who have fully completed an action you specify. Conversion rate is obtained by dividing the number of visitors who completed the task you set by the number of all your visitors, and converting the resulting number into percentage format. Regularly monitoring the conversion rate can give you an idea of ​​how well you can integrate and attract users visiting your site. If your conversion rate is too low, you may not be able to respond to visitors' intents or provide enough trust for them. At the same time, since the users who complete the actions you have determined become valuable users for you, it is also important to follow this ratio in order to know the number of potential customers. With heybooster, you can access the data about your conversion rate in the fastest way and see how valuable the user rate is. If your performance is below your expectations, you can get an idea of ​​where there is a lack and see what you can do with heybooster's "How to Improve" option.

6) Revenue
Regularly tracking revenue will provide you with critical insight into how your business is performing in general. Of course, a linear revenue increase is the goal of every eCommerce company, but it is normal for these statistics to drop from time to time. The important thing is to follow the times of decreases and increases in general revenue and to make accurate analyzes. If there is an increase or decrease in revenue on certain days, it would be a logical decision to try different methods and follow different strategies for these times. Thanks to Heybooster, you can see the differences in revenue between days, weeks and months, and you can keep informed about the progress of your performance and make controlled progress. Moreover, heybooster sends alerts to inform you about your revenue statistics. Thus, you can be instantly informed when there is any change in your revenue rates and you can take action quickly with actionable insights.

7) Average session duration
Average session duration is the average time of each session that users spend on your site. It is calculated by dividing the total time spent by the users visiting your website across the sessions on your site by the total number of sessions. As it may vary according to the content of your site, having a high average session duration ,in general, is one of the goals of every business serving in every eCommerce sector. A high rate of this is considered as an indication that you can meet the expectations of your users and that you have enough interesting content for them. However, a low rate may indicate that there are some things on your website that you need to change and improve. Because the low rate of this rate means that you cannot meet the expectations of your potential customers, so they cannot spend time on your site. This situation indirectly causes your business performance to decrease. With heybooster, you can learn the average session duration of your website and if this rate does not meet your expectations, you can find out what improvements you can make. So you can provide a better user experience for your potential customers.

You do not have to do everything alone in this long journey that requires effort and patience. Choose Heybooster as your companion and Let The Magic Begin!

How To Get Your Automated SEO KPI Tracking Chart?

With Heybooster, fully automatic SEO KPI tracking can be easily handled in just a few steps. Let's see what these steps are!

1) The first thing you need to do to meet your new teammate heybooster, which will save you time and energy, is to register.

2) Secondly, click on Integrations from the left menu and connect Google Search Console and heybooster

3) Then run the Organic Performance (SEO) package by clicking the Insight Categories title on the left side menu.

4) And that's it! Now with heybooster, you can access your SEO KPI tracking chart whenever you want and see the data you want.


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