Google Ads Integration

Increase Your Google Ads Conversion Rates

Instead of spending your time and energy on campaign-tracking, you can let heybooster track and analyze your Google Ads campaigns. Connecting your data sources to heybooster does not take more than a few clicks. Meet heybooster’s pace and practicality. Then, take the first steps to increase your conversion rates. From day one, you’ll be getting insights into your Google Ads performance and will be notified about opportunities and critical situations.

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Track Your KPIs

heybooster tracks your KPIs in your stead while you can focus on taking action with the knowledge you got from heybooster. Save yourself from a pile of KPIs; let heybooster handle the tracking for you.

Get Insights into Your Google Ads Campaigns

You may have been tracking your performance and making deductions or guessing the best next steps to take. From now on, you won’t have to spend your time on this complex process since heybooster covers every detail and provides you with well-thought-out insights into your Google Ads campaigns.

Get Well-Developed Reports About Your Google Ads Performance

heybooster will send you reports to demonstrate your Google Ads performance on a monthly basis. No more time-wasting on report creation; heybooster covers all the details you need to know to increase your conversion rates.
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Get Immediate Alerts Regarding Your Google Ads Campaigns

heybooster will send you instant notifications when there’s an unexpected change regarding your campaigns’ performance. You’ll immediately know that there is an opportunity to increase the conversion rate or an issue to be solved for budget’s sake.

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