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Bugrahan Saka
Apr 29, 2022

You invest in PPC campaigns and SEO for boosting your Shopify store's conversion. That’s great! But the problem is about keeping under control always the return on investment. You have to be sure your budgets and efforts are on the right channels.

tracking and optimizing your Shopify store’s conversions actually is not so easy, this process requires time, effort and know-how.

But don't worry, fortunately, we got heybooster!

Heybooster is a fully automated and simple solution for tracking your conversions of Shopify store and optimizing your digital marketing efforts.

heybooster offers so many different packages from a wide range of different verticals that you can choose from depending on what it is that you are trying to improve. With just one click, you can run any package in order to gain answers and actionable insights into tracking and optimizing conversions. Heybooster will analyze all your data within minutes, and you will be able to see a summary of results within moments after the analysis has taken place.

You can get a better understanding of your conversion rate by using the chart at the top of the results page. In addition, you are also able to opt to see conversions that came directly from ads, or you can select to see more details on revenue. Meaning that you can select all the details that you want to see about your conversions.

As you scroll down the dashboard, you will see all the specific insights about your conversion that are actionable for you. After clicking on any insight, you'll find the information about how you can identify the barriers that are creating low conversions. You'll also be able to learn the ways that you can improve these barriers.

It is no longer necessary for you to conduct daily calculations of your conversions when using heybooster. Thanks to Heybooster, you can set up notifications when your conversions change unexpectedly so that you can react as soon as possible. Additionally, you will be able to choose whether you wish to receive a notification every day, every week, or only when unexpected changes occur. Moreover, you will be able to receive notifications through your Slack channel or via your email inbox.

Start boosting your checkout conversion rate today by joining Heybooster!

How do I know if my Shopify conversion tracking is working properly?        

Unfortunately, there is no single answer to this question as different Shopify store owners will have different needs and requirements when it comes to conversion tracking. However, the known way that you can check whether your conversion tracking is working properly is by auditing your Shopify Store’s Google Analytics account.Unfortunately, it is not that easy. Auditing to make sure your Shopify store's conversions are correct requires know-how and effort.There's a heybooster instead! heybooster is a fully automated and simple solution for making sure your Shopify store’s conversion tracking is properly. Audit your Shopify Store’s Google Analytics Now!        

What is the best way to monitor Shopify conversions?     

There are several ways to track conversions, but the most effective approach is to use a third-party conversion tracking tool. This will allow you to track your traffic sources, landing page performances, conversions and other metrics in one place. By understanding which channels are driving the most conversions, you can optimize your campaign accordingly.Heybooster is a perfect solution for tracking conversions of your Shopify store. You can get a clear picture of your Shopify store’s conversions. Also, heybooster saves you from constantly checking your conversions. With heybooster, you can set up email or Slack alerts. When there has been an unexpected change in your Shopify store’s conversions heybooster alerts you directly.        

Do I need technical knowledge to track Shopify conversions?        

Yes, you need technical knowledge start to tracking your Shopify store’s conversions. Before you start need to set up Google Analytics for your Shopify store correctly and set up the conversions that you want to track.While setting up your Shopify store's Google Analytics and the conversions you want to track may seem like a one-time task, it should always be kept under control. All this requires analysis and technical knowledge.Fortunately, we got the heybooster. Heybooster automatically audits your Shopify store's Google Analytics setup and notifies you of anomalies, as well as getting you notifications of unexpected changes in your conversion rates via email or Slack, and provides you with tailored actionable insights to optimize your conversion rates.        



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