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Bengü Demirtaş
Jan 28, 2023

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Agency Analytics is a digital marketing reporting tool that helps eCommerce professionals track the performance of their marketing strategies. If you are looking for the best reporting tool for your business needs, you may need to consider an Agency Analytics alternative to make sure you are not missing out on any crucial feature you may need.

There are a few important points you need to think about when choosing your reporting tool. Agency Analytics may not be the right choice for you depending on your needs. You should consider your reporting habits and budgeting options carefully before you commit to a tracking tool.

Let’s see why looking for an Agency Analytics alternative could be a good option for you?

What are the top Agency Analytics Alternatives?

Now that you know what you need to be looking for in a good Agency Analytics alternative, let’s check out your options!


heybooster is among the top Agency Analytics alternatives for eCommerce teams that value efficiency and practicality. With its user-friendly interface, high speed and automated reporting, heybooster offers a frictionless tracking experience. With heybooster’s anomaly alerts and insights, you don’t need to waste time trying to figure out where to focus on pages and pages of raw data.

Instead, heybooster checks your data sources with care to present you with the most accurate insights into problem points, weaknesses and strengths in your digital marketing strategy. But what exactly are the best features of heybooster that will carry your digital marketing strategy to the next level?

  • Frictionless Automated Reporting

heybooster’s automated reporting does the prioritization for you. You will never be lost in a sea of reports with heybooster. It will check your data, generate your reports and prioritize its suggestions according to urgency and importance so that you can start working on your problem points as soon as possible.

heybooster’s prioritized suggestions will help you immensely when it comes to generating ideas to remedy the weaknesses in your strategy. In addition to keeping track of your metrics, heybooster will help you come up with smart solutions according to the problem points it detects in your campaigns.

  • Anomaly Alerts

Anomaly alerts is a life safer for eCommerce teams who work through tight deadlines. Your team will be alerted of any sudden changes in your reports so that you can check any possible problems immediately. What if your website traffic suddenly drops in the middle of the month? You may be dealing with a problem that requires immediate attention. This means that anomaly alerts help you take care of any urgent issue as fast as possible.

Anomaly alerts help you remain on top of your game at all times. You will be quick to act upon changes in algorithms, social media trends and unpredictable changes in customer behavior quickly.

  • Fast Tracking

heybooster has removed wait times. You do not have to stare at your screen as you wait for your dashboard to load or your reports to appear. heybooster can pull the data from your sources in seconds. What’s more, due to its user-friendly interface, heybooster is extremely easy to use. You don’t have to spend weeks just to learn how to generate the report you need.

How can you start tracking and improving your strategy with heybooster?

Head to the sign up page and go through the gates of heybooster 🚪🛫

Integrate all your sources with one click

Check out all the insight categories and start tracking your success!


ReportGarden is a good Agency Analytics alternative project management feature that may be helpful for creating detailed campaign strategies. ReportGarden also offers pre-built templates for users with time limitations and technical restrictions.


  • Filtering the data can be difficult depending on your needs. Users have reported problems in picking out data for individual campaigns through filters. This may hinder campaign-specific analyses with more specific focus.


  • Pricing options may appear high to smaller companies and freelancers with a limited budget.
  • Users have reported errors in data display which may be hard to fix manually. This will automatically affect the insights pulled for the improvement of your marketing strategy and it may be time consuming.


Reportz is another Agency Analytics alternative based on dashboard building and live reports. It allows customization and offers a user-friendly design that can be explored quite quickly.


  • Users have reported outstanding customer support when faced with difficulties using the platform.


  • Although it appears as user-friendly at first look, it may take some time to learn how to customize widgets. Users have pointed out that the templates do not offer the simplicity that beginners may need.


Whatagraph is an easy-to-use and customizable reporting tool that appears as a good alternative to Agency Analytics. With increased functionality, Whatagraph allows for convenience when creating digital marketing reports.


  • Whatagraph offers a user-friendly interface. There is almost no learning curve due to the ease of use. This means that you can start generating reports almost immediately upon logging in for the first time.
  • You can also create custom metrics on Whatagraph which helps customize your reports according to your needs. You can focus on any metric you like by customizing your dashboards with your formulas.


  • The loss of connection between the platform and the integrated data seems to be a problem. Users have reported unexpected disconnects.

Why might you look for an Agency Analytics Alternative?

1.Troublesome Integrations

Users have reported difficulty in maintaining a healthy and stable connection with their data sources on Agency Analytics. Agency Analytics can sometimes lose connection with your data sources which may mess up your reports without your immediate knowledge. This means that if you do not act upon the loss of connection alerts, you may end up with incomplete insights into your marketing strategy.

Another problem that comes with the difficulties in integrations is slow load times. You may have to wait longer than you expect when loading dashboards and reports on Agency Analytics. This may be cumbersome for eCommerce professionals who are used to working in a fast pace.

2.High Prices

Unfortunately, the pricing options for Agency Analytics are not flexible. This means that small size companies may face difficulties when it comes to budgeting. Agency Analytics offers a “per-client/campagin” policy, which means that the more clients and campaigns you would like to track, the more you will have to pay. This may be difficult to keep up with for eCommerce professionals with multiple and increasing clients/campaigns.

3.Limited Personalization Options

Unfortunately, Agency Analytics comes with a complicated interface that leads to a steep learning curve. This means that it may take time for eCommerce professionals to get the reports they need. Agency Analytics also does not offer personalization options. This means you have limited abilities to remedy the problems with its interface.

Like we mentioned above, Agency Analytics does not offer customization options. It is impossible to white label your campaigns on Agency Analytics.


Now you know why you need to consider an Agency Analytics alternative for better performance tracking. Loss of connection with your integrated data, slow load times and limited customization seems difficult to ignore when choosing the right tracking tool for your business.

As one of the best reporting tools out there, heybooster will be your best friend when it comes to generating the most accurate marketing reports and creating actionable insights.

By choosing heybooster, you can start improving your problem points immediately. All you have to do is join the heybooster team by creating an account!

Hop on to the sign up page and start your journey with heybooster! 🚀


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