The Top 4 Insights To Save Your Ad Budget

Google Ads
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Neslihan Emikoglu
Jan 13, 2022

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Thanks for following our journey so far, and now we're on Product Hunt with heybooster 2.0! You are really appreciated it if you show your love and support by

Thanks for following our journey so far, and now we're on Product Hunt with heybooster 2.0! You are really appreciated it if you show your love and support by upvoting!

The Top 4 Insights to Save Your Ad Budget

When spending on ads, it’s difficult to diagnose the reason behind google conversion changes on time. There are different external factors other than budget and ads health. You need to keep an eye on your landing pages, products, keywords, etc.

And here I bundled 4 different actionable insights, helping you to figure out behind scene problems that prevent your ads conversion rate to double!

Hear me out and then tell me what you think of the insights đź””

#Insight 1. Stockout products or undestock with only few sizes left; Stockout is a common problem on eCommerce and after the pandemic it increased avg 250% according to Adobe research. If the team does not notice, even your most visible products may be out of stock or understocked with only a few sizes available too.

The worst case is wasting your budget to let your customer face this unfortunate experience. Here is the insight you’d like to check daily.

#Insight 2. The clicks for each query (keyword) may not return the results you expected. It may be about the pre-click experience like the queries you want to appear or ads you show. This insight tells us which queries you wasted budget on and possibly continued to spend even though they didn't convert. It will also help the team to notice unrelated queries with your business.

#Insight 3. Campaign Budget Allocation Treemaps; Because of business-oriented decisions or just unnoticed changes, you may spend the most portion of your budget on moderately low converted campaigns. Treemaps insight is the best way to demonstrate it; each square represents a campaign, the size is the cost, and the color represents the success. (Upps one of the biggest squares, is close to red.)

#Insight 4. Compare keywords performance in organic and paid results; optimize your advertising on the keywords in terms of their organic performance. On the other hand, ​​Some of the keywords generate instant results -conversion- with your paid ads. That's good but if you are stuck with ads, the number of conversions you get from these ads will always be in direct relation to how much money you had. With this insight, you will explore some star keywords on your ads for which you have a lower ranking organically.

#Bonus. Prevent overspending with predictive alerts; Define and track your main KPI; assume that your monthly KPI is maintaining 400% ROAS. Your team should be focused on this KPI and keep it on track.

If you’d like to know how you receive these insights, sign up for heybooster and search for the insights on your panel. Need a hand to set up? Just ping me on live chat, I am available 16x7 to help you to get the most out of heybooster.

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