#07 Actionable Insights: Page Speed for PPC Campaigns

Even if your KPI for the marketing campaigns is acquiring new users to the website, the main expectation is generating revenue from these users, it may happen in their first, second or 8th visit :)

However, If they have to wait for a page to load during their first interaction with your site, they are less likely to visit again and are less likely to purchase from you.

If your ads do not perform as you expected, the problem might not always be with your ads or your target audience. The journey of your users has just started by clicking the ads, how about the rest of their experience?

Here is a mini case study that our users shared with us; on the first day of the women's day campaign, they couldn’t get the expected conversion rate from Facebook Ads campaigns. And they started to explore “Urgent” insights on heybooster and noticed that the loading speed of the campaign’s landing page is high! It causes the campaign to fail with low ROAS.

Frankly, this is something that ads professionals mostly ignore but is actually a serious factor in having low conversion rates and high bounce rates.

Check out conversion rate optimization insights and don’t forget to turn on notifications to get notified whenever changes happened.


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