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Bugrahan Saka
Jun 24, 2022

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You invest in SEO, PPC campaigns, or any, and another marketing effort for making your products more visible. That's great!

But are you sure that you invest in the right product? To know that may require a lot of effort and know-how. This can be a little bit annoying. But don't worry. Fortunately, we got heybooster.

Heybooster is a fully automated and simple solution for keeping under control the performance of your products.

In heybooster, there are a lot of packages at different verticals. For keeping under control your product performance. You should run product performance package only with one click.

heybooster will analyze our all data about product performance in minutes. When results become rady click to “go to results”

By using the chart at the top of the product performance package results page, you can get an overview of critical metrics about product views, and you can detect where you should deep dive.

When you continue to scroll on the product performance results page, can see actionable insights and can filtet actionable insights about the most viewed product.

Also, when you click on any insight about most viewed produt, you can find out where is the problem with your product views and you can get tailor-made answers about how will you be able to improve most viewed product metrics.

Thanks to heybooster, you don't have to visit product performance package results page every day for keeping under control your product view metrics. You can get notifications easily.

Click on notify me and pop-up that opens product performance package will be already selected. You can receive notifications for product view metrics as often as you want. Daily based, weekly on Monday or when occur an unexpected change.

Additionally, you can receive notifications either through your Slack channel or through your email.

How can I see my most viewed products Shopify?        

For seeing the most viewed products Shopify;
1)Connect your Google Analytics & Google Ads to heybooster.2) Run the Product Performance Insights package with one click.
3) Click “Most Viewed Product” insight on the results page
4)Set a notification to get an alert if the most viewed products have any unexpected performance changes. You can choose to receive notifications via email or Slack.      

How to get alerts when occurs a change in the most viewed products?        

Among the things that members of a digital marketing team are required to do are create marketing strategies, create reports, optimize metrics, and so on.The second responsibility they have is to ensure products perform as planned. Monitoring most viewed products on a daily basis are extremely important; however, for success, it is also necessary to put in the regular effort. Heybooster is a great way for you to receive alerts in a much faster and more reliable manner than checking the most frequently viewed products daily. This method is far more reliable and much easier to detect than checking the most frequently viewed products daily. Using the feature, you will be alerted when changes are made to the most viewed products. Further, you can choose to receive notifications via email or Slack.        

How to get a summary of the most viewed products?        

Just glancing at the products can assist you in identifying the ones that stand out and help you decide which ones require more attention. You can determine if any metrics are causing anomalies and generating unexpected changes by visiting the heybooster results page. You can sort the products with some anomalies by the changes that caused those anomalies if you select to view the details of anomalies that are of particular interest to you. Furthermore, any metric can be chosen based on the anomalies that are of interest to you.


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