How to Track Most Viewed eCommerce Products Metric

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İsmail Atasoy
Oct 21, 2022

It is not a right move to analyze the performance of the products you offer to the users on your website by only looking at the low or high sales rates and to create a strategy by considering these rates. While sales rates can give you clues in many ways, you cannot make a detailed analysis with these rates alone. At the same time, you need to know which products users are interested in and whether they interact with them. Therefore, one of the metrics that can help you in this regard is the Most Viewed Products metric. With this metric, you can compile and report the most viewed products in your ads or organic search results.

However, of course, getting more views of a product may not mean that it performs well. In this article, we will talk about the important points you need to know about the Most Viewed Product metric and give you useful tips. If you're ready, let's start!

How To Get Most Viewed eCommerce Products Report In heybooster?

1) To choose heybooster as your assistant on this long road to make everything the easiest for you, the first thing you need to do is to register!

2) Secondly, connect the heybooster with the data sources by clicking on the Integrations title from the menu on the left.

3) Then click on the Reports title from the left menu and run the Product Performance package.

4) On the page that opens, select Most Viewed Products.

5) And that's it! It's that simple to get the reporting you want with heybooster.

Why Is the Importance Of Tracking Most Viewed eCommerce Products Metric?

1) Increase in Number of Actual Customers
We can say that your products with high views have already gained you potential customers at some point. However, if the conversion rate is low despite high views, something is wrong here. For example, your product may not exactly address the intent that users are looking for. Or maybe they didn't want to take the next step because you couldn't give them enough confidence. Such situations cause you to lose your potential customers. However, with the Most Viewed Product metric, you can identify products that have low sales despite high views, and improve the missing points of these products to turn potential customers into actual customers.

2) You Can Control Spending
Products with a high impression rate but low purchase rate can actually pose a threat to your budget. Because although the users do not buy, the product continues to be featured by the algorithm because the view rate of the product is high. This can indirectly cause you to spend extra money from your budget and overlook a product that needs improvement. That's why it can be an important strategy for you to regularly check the view rates of your products with the Most Viewed Products metric.

3) Tips for Building Your Overall Strategy
As a requirement of the eCommerce world, while some of your products and the strategies you implement in these products are in high demand, you may not be able to achieve the desired performance in some of your products. But you can at least reduce the number of low-performing products. By checking what your most viewed products are and what strategies you follow on these products, you can analyze what appeals to your users and their purchase intent. Thus, you can increase both your visibility and your sales rate by applying similar strategies for products that do not perform as expected.

You can make things much easier with the Most Viewed Products metric, which can provide you with many different benefits such as these. But of course, being able to do this fully automatically and quickly should be a priority for you. That's why heybooster is here to give you the boost you've been looking for. With heybooster, you can reach this report completely automatically and very quickly and move towards your goal with more solid steps.

Let's take your first step into this world where heybooster makes everything easy!

How To Get Most Viewed eCommerce Products Report In Google Analytics?        

Having everything under control and checking that the process is going the way you want is critical in the competitive environment of the eCommerce world. However, to provide this control, you need to use a tool that will save both time and effort. When you look for a tool that will offer you this opportunity, the first option you will see is Google Analytics. However, when you start using it, you will realize that things are not as easy as you think if you do not have previous experience or if you do not have an expert on Google Analytics in your team. Because Google Analytics has an almost unique usage structure, if you haven't attended any course on this subject, it can create quite confusion for you at the first stage. Moreover, in this process where time is very important, it can cause you to lose time and motivation.        

That's why we invite you to join the world of heybooster, where everything is much easier and faster than going through this complex and time-consuming system. Thanks to heybooster, you can get rid of the complexity of Google Analytics and access all the data with just a few clicks and continue this long journey with a reliable companion.

How Tracking Most Viewed eCommerce Products Metric Helps To Increase Your Revenue?      

1) First of all, having a product with a high number of views and sales gives you an idea of ​​what you are doing right in your marketing performance. Thus, you can use the strategy you used in this well-performing product in your other products, increasing the view and sales rate and increasing revenue.

2) However, high visibility does not always mean good performance. Sometimes, although the number of views of a product is high, users do not go to the purchasing stage for various reasons and the product does not perform as you want. However, because the product has a high number of views, it is shown to more users by the Google algorithm, which creates a negative situation for you by spending your advertising budget. If you regularly monitor the products with high views and control the sales status of these products, you can keep things under control and increase revenue by preventing unnecessary money from your budget.            

Let's start using heybooster to keep control of your progress


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