How to Track eCommerce Product Detail Views Metric

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İsmail Atasoy
Oct 21, 2022

In the field of e-commerce, where there is competition in every sense, it is important to know how users interact with your products or what they do not prefer to interact with. It's important to have specific data to give you insight and show you where you need to focus. Here is one of the data that can give you clues about what you do right or what points you need to improve is the Product Detail Views metric. Of course, your business marketing performance will not increase with this data alone, but this is a data that you should definitely not ignore and ensure regular follow-up. In this article, we will talk about the important details you need to know about this data and how heybooster can help you in this regard.  

How To Get eCommerce Product Detail Views Report In heybooster?

1) To choose heybooster as your most important assistant on this long journey, the first thing you need to do is to register.

2) Secondly, click on the Integrations title from the menu on the left and connect the heybooster with the data sources.

3) Then run the Product Performance Reports package by clicking the Reports title from the left menu.

4) Now select Product Detail Views from the box above.

5) That's it! Now have the Product Detail Views report and you can make necessary moves with this!

What Is the Importance of Tracking eCommerce Product Detail Views Metric?    

1) Comparison between high and low view
Knowing which of your products has a higher product detail view can give you different ideas. For example, if the impression of a detail of your product is higher than the others, you can review the strategies you used to promote this product and try to use similar strategies in your other products. Or similarly, if the view ratio of a product's detail is too low, there is probably something wrong with your strategy and you need to reconsider.

2) You see products with low detail view but high conversion
Sometimes your products may have low engagement but high conversion rate. This shows that even though your products have a low view rate, you've managed to keep the conversion rate high by offering a product that caters to users' intent. It also shows that if you can increase the rate of your product being seen and engaged by users, you can reach higher conversions and increase your overall performance.

3) You see products with a high detail view but low conversion rate
Sometimes your products have a high engagement rate from users, but you may not reach the desired conversion rate. In such cases, there may be cases where you cannot fully address the users' search intentions or provide them with sufficient trust. Being aware of such situations, making differences in the strategies you use in your products can be an important step.  

heybooster is with you to help you keep track of this data, which can help you see the points that may be important to you! With heybooster, you can access the Product Detail Views metric very quickly and simply and take the necessary steps.

Are you ready to join the magic world of heybooster and make things easier?

How To Get eCommerce Product Detail Views Report In Google Analytics?        

In order to improve your business marketing performance in the field of eCommerce and to target higher, you need to regularly track certain data and prepare reports. Of course, trying to do this manually will be a serious waste of time and effort, so doing it automatically and quickly is your top priority. When you look at the tools you can use to achieve this, you will see that the first thing you see is Google Analytics.  

However, it may not be as easy as you think to reach the data you want with Google Analytics and to follow this data regularly. Because although Google Analytics is a tool that you can use to make a detailed data analysis and draw a route for yourself, it has a system with a language and interface that is almost unique to itself, requiring time and effort to learn to use. Therefore, tracking KPIs for product performance using Google Analytics and controlling the detail view of your product may be quite complex for you at first. Therefore, it may cause you to lose motivation and not be able to reach the right data at the beginning of the road.      

That's why you need a helper, heybooster, that saves you time and effort and simplifies the most complex structures for you! Thanks to heybooster, instead of getting lost in the complex structure of Google Analytics, you can reach the data you are looking for in a simple and fast way and proceed to your goal with much more confident steps.

How Tracking eCommerce Product Detail Views Metric Helps To Increase Your Revenue?        

Products with a high rate of viewing of product details by users can become tools that offer you the opportunity to convert potential customers into real customers. Because high product detail views show that you have a product that appeals to users and that this product has a high potential to be purchased. However, of course, revenue growth may not be achieved by only looking at this metric. However, this can give you great clues. For example, if a product has a high product detail view metric but a low conversion rate, you can understand that you are attracting users' attention but fail to persuade them to buy. Thus, you can increase revenue indirectly by trying to provide users with the confidence they want in the second stage and by analyzing their purchase intents correctly.

Similarly, if the product detail view rate is low but the conversion rate is high, it may be a very valuable point that you have overlooked. In such cases, taking steps to ensure that users communicate with your product can increase the already high conversion rate and provide a serious revenue increase for you. Thus, you can notice products with high sales potential, and by taking quick action, you increase your business marketing performance in general.        

Let's meet heybooster without wasting time and take the right steps!


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