How To Get Keyword Report In Google Analytics 4?

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Bengü Demirtaş
Feb 12, 2023

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Are you feeling overwhelmed by the vast amount of content that you need to keep up with for better conversion rates? If you are looking for a way to start creating smart and high-quality content to improve your SEO rankings, you need to start by finding the right keywords to incorporate into your eCommerce website. This means learning about how to get a keyword report in Google Analytics 4 to figure out your problem points.

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What is a keyword report?

Keyword reports give you insight into how your visitors search for your products on search engines. What kind of words and phrases do your visitors use to find products similar to yours, which of these words and phrases have a higher search volume, which keyword leads to more conversions… All this information is vital for your business. By creating content with the right keywords, you can attract customers to your website and increase your conversion rates.

Why is it important to track keyword reports?

  • Increase Revenue

If you are aware of the keywords that bring the most traffic into your eCommerce website, you can start a project to increase your revenue much faster. By focusing on the right keywords, you will understand your customer profile better. This will help you increase conversions as well.

For example, if you are driving a lot of traffic from a keyword but those same people who arrive at your website are not converting, this means you may want to work a little more on your product pages, or be more specific in your copy to make sure you attract the right crowd into your platforms. When you get keyword report on Google Analytics 4, pay close attention to your traffic.

  • Get insight into customer behavior:

Tracking keyword reports is extremely important for an eCommerce company because keywords are one of the most important ways that your customers will find you. You can drive significant traffic into your website by using the right keywords. If you don’t know how your potential customers are looking for products like yours, you will not be able to increase traffic or conversion rates.

  • Be prepared for changes in traffic

The way that people look for your product may change depending on the seasons, trends and differing customer profiles. To keep up with your customers’ behaviors at all times, keeping track of your keyword reports is crucial.

  • Be aware of your competitors

Keeping track of your keyword reports will also give you insight into how your competitors are doing. The more you know about your own keyword rankings, the more you will be aware of your competitors’ position on SERP. For example, if you find that you see that your competitors are creating content on a specific keyword that you are ranking low in, you may want to start creating more high-quality content to get in the game.

If you notice that you are ranking better in certain keywords, you may want to keep creating content to prevent your competitors from surpassing you on SERP. By looking closely at keyword trends, you can anticipate possible changes in user behavior faster than your competitors to make sure you are always on top on search results.

Key metrics to track in your keyword reports

  • Top organic keywords by impression

Which organic keywords are leading visitors to your website the most? This is an extremely important metric to figure out if you are reaching the right audience with your content. For example, if a keyword ranks high in impressions but low in click-through-rates (CTR), this means that the people who search this keyword are not interested enough in your product to click on your ads to get to your pages.

This may mean several things: Your ads copy may not be convincing, you may be focusing your content on the wrong keywords, that your visuals are not attractive… By figuring out your top organic keywords, you will have a better understanding on how your product is showing up on SERP. Your keyword report on Google Analytics will give you insight into your organic impressions quickly.

  • Keywords improved in ranking

This metric will tell you about how your content is doing as well the recent behavior of your customers. If your content is reaching the right audience, if the content is high-quality, informational and helpful as well as attractive, the rankings should improve in your focused keywords. You can play to your strengths and keep creating content using the keywords that improve in ranking.

Sometimes certain keyword rankings may improve due to seasonal changes in customer behavior. Paying close attention to these increases will be insightful for your business strategy as you will know what to expect depending on your customer profile, the time and place that your business is operating in.

  • Top Keywords Targeted on Google Ads

With this metric, you can track your ads performance based on the targeted keywords and see if you need any improvements or changes in your ad campaigns. If your cost-per-click rates are too high, you may be focusing your ads on the wrong keywords. There may also be something wrong with your copy or visuals which you may need to fix. You could use this metric to work comparatively. You can divide your ads into different keyword focus groups and see which of your campaigns get more clicks. This way, you can find the right keywords to focus your ads in and reduce your costs.

How to get a keyword report in Google Analytics 4?

With the switch from Google Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 in the eCommerce world, you may think that tracking your keyword reports on Google Analytics 4 is only good option. But this is definitely not the case.

While Google Analytics 4 might be the more mainstream option to track your keyword reports, it is definitely not the best option out there. For one, GA4 is way too complicated to be a practical tracking tool for eCommerce professionals that are working on tight schedules and swiftly approaching deadlines.

Further, if you are a user with no prior experience or training, actually being able to use GA4 proficiently will take much longer than expected.

If you are looking for an easy-to-use, insightful, fast and practical tracking tool, heybooster is the best option out there! heybooster offers automated and proritized reporting to save you the time and effort necessary to sort through pages and pages of data. It also notifies you of any sudden changes to make sure you are on track.

You don’t need to waste your time trying to figure out how to navigate the impossible nooks of GA4. Start your journey with heybooster and finding the right keywords will be easier than taking a breath!


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