How To Get Assisted Conversions Report In Google Analytics 4

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İsmail Atasoy
Jan 15, 2023

Are you tired of feeling like your conversions are just a one-hit wonder? Do not worry, for the solution to your conversion woes lies in the world of assisted conversions. These little helpers may not be the main event, but they sure know how to assist in a conversion. Think of it like a game of conversion tag - regular conversions are "it," but assisted conversions are the ones tagging you in to help you reach the finish line. So, don't overlook the importance of tracking those assisted conversions - they could be the key to boosting your overall business performance. Now, let'sfind out the details about assisted conversions!    

What are assisted conversions      

Assisted conversions are interactions that lead to conversions. However, unlike regular conversions, they are not the main factor that drives the conversion. For example, conversion occurs when a visitor clicks on a link or signs up for a mailing list. Assisted conversions are the name given to other interactions on the path that bring users to this stage. In other words, all interactions that lead a user to conversion are called assisted conversions.        

What is assisted conversion value        

Assisted conversion value is the name given to the total value of assisted conversions. According to Google's definition, “Assisted Conversions for a given channel counts all conversions in which that channel was a non-last interaction. Assisted Conversion Value is the total value associated with those conversions. As as result, double-counting can occur across rows or across assisted and last conversions. If two conversions occur for a single person, any channel interactions which were in both conversion paths count toward both conversions.”      

Why are assisted conversions important        

One of the points that many marketing teams overlook and do not focus on enough is not tracking assisted conversions. Of course, it is important to monitor the conversion rate directly and try to increase it. For this, you can create new strategies in accordance with different dynamics and provide better performance. However, the point you should not forget is that the points that will take your visitors to conversion are assisted conversions.

Being able to analyze the impact of different marketing channels on final conversion is critical. Tracking assisted conversions allows you to do this analysis.

By tracking assisted conversions, you can identify your strengths on the path that takes users to final conversion. Thus, you can obtain insights about the details that are missing and need to be developed in this path.

Let's illustrate why assisted conversions are important with an example!

Let's say you have a Google Ads campaign that leads to many assisted conversions even though it doesn't drive the final conversion. In this case, we cannot say that your marketing performance is bad. Because these assisted conversions help increase brand awareness.

At the same time, a high number of assisted conversions also indicates that you are promoting products that are relevant to users' search intent and may be of interest to them. However, the reason why the final conversion was not provided may be that you did not sufficiently persuade the users.

Assisted conversions also help you compare different ad campaigns. For example, you can consider the number of visitors who interact with and converted to your Facebook Ads campaigns. Thus, you can analyze how much different campaigns attract users and to what extent they benefit them.

If an ad campaign generates more assisted conversions than others, then you can increase the budget you spend on this campaign and boost the final conversion rate.            

So maybe there are points you need to improve. Let's take a look at what you can do to increase your final conversion rate now!

How to get Assisted Conversion reports in Google Analytics 4?

Well, since we've seen the details that assisted conversions can help you boost your overall business marketing performance, let's take a look at how you can track it!

When it comes to data analysis in the eCommerce world, one of the first assistants that comes to mind is Google Universal Analytics. However, it is now preparing to gradually leave its place to Google Analytics 4.

Although there are many innovations in it, GA4 still contains the problem that exists in Google Universal. This is so complicated!

Of course, many marketing teams will use GA4 for data analysis and try to improve their marketing performance. However, the main problem here is that Google Analytics 4 has a complex structure almost unique to itself, just like Google Universal.

If you haven't taken a course or training on GA4 before, you probably feel like you're in a maze. You may need to watch many different Youtube videos to get out of this maze: ( Moreover, since your needs will not be the same all the time, a new challenge will arise whenever you want to do a new data analysis. No, if you say you are exaggerating, give it a try if you want :)

If GA4 is so complex then what should you do?

Of course, you should find a data analysis tool that is much more simplified in every sense and that you can use without requiring technical knowledge. But you don't have to go far to look for this tool. Here comes the heybooster!

With heybooster you can get your assisted conversions report very quickly with just a few clicks. Moreover, you will not feel yourself in a labyrinth as in Google Analytics 4. No technical knowledge required, heybooster is ready to boost your marketing performance!

Of course, a one-time report will not be enough for you. Because in order to adapt to the dynamics and take quick action, you need to be instantly aware of the changes in the data. heybooster notifies you immediately of any changes in data. So you never lose control.

So, it is time to join heybooster!


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