How To Assess Performance Of Marketing Channels?

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İsmail Atasoy
Sep 30, 2022

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If you do not have an adequate analysis system for tracking and measuring marketing channel performance, there is a high probability that your marketing effort to grow your business is likely to go to waste. Of course, that's probably the last thing you want, considering all the time and effort you've put into it. That's why it's so important to regularly check your marketing channel performance to see how effectively it works. Because if you don't measure your marketing channel performance in detail, you can negatively affect your marketing performance in general by missing where you lag behind and the parts you need to focus on. It is very critical to try to reach many people from different places in marketing channels and to increase your target audience and strengthen your credibility by following many different strategies. However, you need to make sure that you are taking the right steps while doing this. In this article, we will talk about how you can take the right steps and increase your performance.

Metrics for Marketing Channel Performance: What Are They?

One of the first points you need to focus on to improve your marketing performance is the metrics you use and how they work. Thanks to these metrics, you keep the monitoring, recording and measuring parts of your progress under control. Choosing the right metrics, which can vary according to the marketing channels you use and the strategies you want to use, will make things much easier for you. Let's take a look at some of these metrics!

1)Click Through Rate (CTR)
It is the ratio obtained by dividing the clicks on the links that direct the users to your site or a product, to the total view of the link. By regularly monitoring this metric, you can have information about whether the strategy you apply is suitable for the users' intent on the marketing channel used.

It is the name given to the ratio that shows how far the goals you set have been achieved. For example, it is a metric that allows you to see how many people signed up for your e-mail system to get your downloadable content, or how many people clicked on your referral to another page or product. Checking the order of conversions is an important metric for you to understand how well you engage users and how successful your goals are.

3)Bounce Rate
It is the name given to the rate of the number of people who do not interact and leave the site directly after visiting your site. Having a high bounce rate may be an indication that your site is insufficient to meet the features and content expected by users. In such cases, it can benefit you in many ways, as it allows you to focus on the parts you need to change and take action in line with the user's wishes.

4)Engaged Time
Just knowing how much time users spend on your page may not be enough data for you. Because the user may open the page and be dealing with something else at that time. That's why the engaged time metric can be very useful for you. Thanks to this metric, you can see how long your users are actively interacting with the content of your site. This can allow you to see if your content appeals to the user and which channels have the most engaged traffic.

5)Conversion Rate by Channel
It is the total number of leads you get divided by the total number of visitors through a channel you specify. Thanks to this metric, you get an idea of ​​which channel you are performing better on and which channel you should focus on more. Thus, you can understand the intent of users in different channels and continue to create different strategies for different channels.

What Is a Marketing Channel Performance Report?

Marketing channel performance report is the name given to the report created to gather data from other metrics mentioned above and similar to them, and to use it as a guide for future decisions and actions to be taken. Having an overall reporting of data from the metrics you use for different channels is important in many ways. Thanks to the Marketing channel performance reports, you can see the distance you have covered and thus understand exactly where you stand on the way to your goals.
With the help of the report, you can examine the decreases and increases in marketing metrics in general, and in the next step, the channel base stage, you can see which channel-specific conditions affect site traffic and revenue in general. For example, when there is an increase in your site traffic, you can see which channel you use to improve it. In the next step, you can see what you have done in this channel to increase your site traffic. Moreover, thanks to these reports, you can understand whether the decisions you made work or not, by evaluating them before and after the decision.

How To Track Marketing Channels Performance?

By using Heybooster, you can learn your marketing channels performance with a few simple steps. Let's see what these steps are!

1- In order to choose Heybooster as your assistant on this long journey that requires attention and effort, you must first register.

2- Secondly, connect data sources and heybooster by clicking on the Integrations heading in the left-hand menu.

3- Then, click the Weekly Executive Insights  from the Insight Categories title.

4) That's how easy it is to find out how your marketing channels performance is with heybooster!

How To Improve Marketing Channels Performance?

Well, now that we have the necessary data, can we say that everything is okay? Of course not! The next step is to focus on the missing points and take action for improvement. Heybooster not only tracks your marketing channels performance, but also helps you in the second stage by providing actionable insights for points that need improvement. Thus, you will have information about the actions that can be done without having to act alone. The next step is to ensure the continuity of the points you have developed. At this point, it is very important to regularly check your marketing channels performance and pay attention to how your progress is. To ensure this control, you can receive regular alerts about your marketing channels performance thanks to heybooster. Heybooster lets you know about the situation by sending you an alert when there is any change in your performance. Thanks to these alerts, which you can receive regularly and fully automatically, you will be in complete control of your performance and you can take action when necessary. Thus, you can prevent the overlooked parts from growing with the snowball effect and keep everything under control.  Join heybooster now to take firm steps towards your goal!


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