How I turn long-tail keywords into lead magnets! Explained step by step.

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Bugrahan Saka
May 10, 2022

We're unlocking the long-tail keywords strategy you see in every SEO best practice today.

Long-tail keywords are the first thing you need to turn long-tail keywords into lead generation machines.

First, I made a list of solutions that heybooster offers, the platforms it integrates with, and the words that users can aim at using our product.

In this way, I created reference points for myself to start researching long-tail keywords.

I have seen many times that common keyword research tools like Aherfs and Semrush do not do a good job at finding long-tail keywords.

That's why I usually use any bulk keyword generators on the web.

I have witnessed that even in very niche topics, it usually generates more than a hundred keywords.

That wonderful long-tail word you're probably looking for is in this hundreds of lines of list.

You took a look at the volume and difficulty levels of the words. And bingo, your shiner is here!

It doesn't end there.

If you're in a highly competitive industry like Mar-tech, simply posting a long-tail keyword won't be enough.

In all content, answering the questions asked about the subject and configuring it for a rich snippet or making a video summarizing your content can give you an unfair advantage in the SERP.

And all that remains is to share this good news with the team ✌🏻

Generating long-tail keyword strategies or otherwise, I would love to chat with you about any growth project.

Keep in touch!


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