Google Analytics Anomaly Detection | How To Detect Anomalies Of Google Analytics Setup

Bugrahan Saka
May 20, 2022

You track a lot of metrics like conversion rate, product page performance, cart abandonment, etc. That’s great but are you sure about the accuracy of your metrics on Google Analytics? Sorry, but I've got bad news. 90% of Google Analytics setup breaks in every six months because your website is constantly changing and your Google Analytics setup has to fit with these changes.

Tracking and improving anomalies on your Google Analytics setup actually is not so easy. The well-known solution is consulting a professional or hiring someone for auditing your Google Analytics setup.

Unfortunately, these are not cost-effective or scalable.

Don't worry, heybooster is here to help!

You can use heybooster to detect anomalies in the configuration of your Google Analytics and get answers on how you can improve all issues that are currently in your Google Analytics setup.

Depending on what you are trying to improve, heybooster offers you a wide range of different packages from so many different verticals. The packages are arranged based on what you are trying to improve. The Google Analytics audit package can be run with just one click, enabling you to detect anomalies and gain actionable insight into what can be done in order to fix this. You could have access to a summary of the analysis within moments after the analysis has been carried out by heybooster, which will analyze the Google Analytics data in minutes.

Detailed insights about any anomalies that were noticed in your Google Analytics setup are displayed as you scroll down the dashboard. When you click on any insight, you'll find information regarding how you can identify the barriers that are causing anomalies. In addition, you will be able to learn the ways that you can improve these anomalies and work towards eliminating them.

When using heybooster, you will no longer need to compute daily values for anomalies on your Google Analytics setup, as you can do that automatically. Thanks to Heybooster, you can get notifications when there is an anomaly on your Google Analytics setup unexpectedly so that you can react as soon as possible. The other important feature is that you will be able to choose whether you would like to get a notification every day, every week, or only when changes occur unexpectedly. In addition to that, you are able to receive notifications either via your Slack channel or via your email inbox.

Start detecting anomalies on your Google Analytics setup by joining the world of heybooster!

After setting up Google Analytics, you can start getting Google Analytics reports and alerts in Slack. If you want to learn how to do so, our blog post is waiting for you: Get Google Analytics Alerts and Reports in Slack

Do I need technical knowledge to detect anomalies on Google Analytics?        

Detecting anomalies in Google Analytics data does require a certain level of technical expertise. A lot of data points must be tracked and reported in order to detect anomalies. It may seem like a one-time goal to detect anomalies in your Google Analytics data but, to keep it under control, it should be done consistently. Obviously, in order to do this right, you need some expertise. Luckily, heybooster is here to help! heybooster highlights anomalies in your Google Analytics metrics automatically and informs you of any phenomena that have occurred. You will also be receiving notifications via email or Slack for any anomalies in your Google Analytics metrics. Furthermore, Heybooster offers tailor-made actionable insights you can leverage to optimize the metrics you care about.        

How to get alerts when there is an anomaly in the Google Analytics metrics?        

There are many things that are included in the responsibilities of digital marketing teams, such as creating marketing strategies, reporting, optimization and so on. Additionally, they are also responsible for ensuring all of the vital metrics are working according to plan. While performance monitoring through daily checks is very important, regular effort is also required in order to succeed. In fact, it would be much easier and more reliable for you to detect anomalies in the metrics of Google Analytics by using the heybooster, rather than checking it on a daily basis. You can get an alert when Google Analytics metrics exhibit anomalies. In addition to this, you will also be able to receive your notifications via email and Slack.        

How to get a summary for anomalies of your Google Analytics metrics?        

A quick glance at your Google Analytics metrics will give you a good idea of which metrics are anomalous and what to focus on further. Check the actionable insights at the results page in heybooster helps to know which metrics generate unexpected changes and cause anomalies. Google Analytics metrics can be sorted by how changes cause anomalies, or you can choose to see the details of anomalies that you are interested in. In addition, you have the option of selecting any metrics you want about the anomalies you are interested in.        

How heybooster assists on Google Analytics Change Detection?        

heybooster helps you with the complex and technical issue of Google Analytics change detection that needs to be checked regularly and automatically. In a split second heybooster will save you from the tedious effort of struggling with details by analysing Google Analytics changes and presenting them as a status report for you. Google Analytics change detection, which previously wasted hours by keeping you on the screen, will now be directly shown with only one click. Thus, although Google Analytics is a tool that works well and is sufficient in many ways, you will also be able to handle the missing parts of it. Because, with heybooster, you can now be sure that all your metrics in Google Analytics are correct. In addition to saving time and cost, you will be protecting yourself against undesirable situations, such as inaccurate conversion metrics or inconsistent clicks that may occur in Google Analytics codes. For example, it's important to track bounce rates to make sure you're sufficiently engaging your users. If you cannot get accurate data from Google Analytics, it may not be possible to create your route correctly. To prevent such situations, heybooster makes sure that the bounce rate metric you get is accurate. Moreover, you will now have a functional assistant tool that feeds you with information by sending notifications regularly.      

Trusted Agencies For Google Analytics Audit

Although many factors affect your marketing performance, the accuracy and reliability of the data you receive are one of the most important points. If the data you have is not correct, it will not be possible for you to take the healthy steps necessary to improve your marketing performance. Google Analytics audit will be useful for you to ensure the accuracy of the data you have and to follow a stronger strategy.

At this point, heybooster gives a boost to you to save you from a big burden by taking the ropes in this issue, which would normally be tiring for you in terms of finances and time. Heybooster already does the auditing for you and shows the problems that arise. Now that you know what the problem is, you can shape the route accordingly. If you think you need help solving these problems, heybooster's partner agencies can be in the game to support you.

So, after the heybooster shouts out problems and mistakes “I SEE! THEY ARE THERE”, our partners will be running toward them to eliminate the problems depending on your request. You already know heybooster, but if you want to meet our partners who have done great things back-to-back with heybooster, let's take you this way.


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