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Imagine you own one of the world's most famous car brands, for example Audi. Everything is going well for you anyway and your business is quite profitable. However, you still wouldn't call your engineers and say, "Let's make a cool car and sell it", right?

Because there are many different stages that you need to review in the background of the business. If you try to come up with a new product without creating different strategies for certain stages, you will probably fail.

Now, if we adapt the above scenario to eCommerce, you will see that there are many similarities between them. If you don't do product page analysis before creating new products, different approaches, or strategies for trends, it's probably like you're saying, "Let's do some cool moves and make money." To prevent this situation and make a difference in the eCommerce world, product page analysis is critical.

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What Is Product Page Analysis?  

Evaluation of a product page's functionality on an e-commerce website is done through the method of product page analysis. This means looking at the page's organization, style, and content in addition to how the user interacts with it as a whole.

Finding any problems or areas for improvement that could affect the performance of the page is the aim of the product page analysis. Issues with navigation, usability, the value of the content, or conversion optimization may be included.        

Importance of Product Page Analysis

To fully understand the importance of product page analysis, you still need to put yourself in your visitors' shoes. How?

Let's say you wanted to buy a pine tree patterned sweater to give as a gift to your friends on New Year's Eve. Among dozens of websites, you clicked on the site that sells the product whose image you like more.

When everything was going great, all of a sudden, what was that? The quality of the images of the sweater is very low, the product description is full of typos and you cannot find the size chart anywhere on the site. This will probably be the last time you visit that website, right?

The significance of product page analysis is demonstrated by this case. It's important to create a smooth, user-friendly journey that makes an impact and entices visitors to make a purchase, not merely to make a page seem nice or include a few eye-catching keywords. A product page's bad design or absence of critical information might scare away potential customers and cost the company revenues. An effective product page, on the other hand, may assist increase conversions and improve a company's bottom line.

So while it's great to produce great sweaters and present them to customers with different marketing techniques, if you haven't done product page analysis, it probably won't matter how high quality your sweaters are.

How Can You Increase Your Revenue by Making a Product Page Analysis?

No matter what industry you're in, a bad product page will be a big red flag for customers. If the product page doesn't satisfy users, they probably won't take the next step and will leave without interacting with your website. However, you can eliminate this problem with a detailed product page analysis. Because eCommerce product page analysis will allow you to see many red flags for your visitors. In this way, you can take action and make the necessary improvements.

Indirectly, the elimination of these red flags ensures that users do not encounter any negative situations while completing the purchase process. Thus, the more visitors you provide a better user experience, the more sales it means.

In other words, focusing on the general shortcomings of your website before considering new products and different advertising methods will increase your revenue. That's why we recommend that you do product page analysis regularly.        

How to Get Product Page Analysis

When you research how to make a detailed product page analysis, one of the first options offered to you will be Google Analytics. Google Analytics will help you a lot with many different enhanced eCommerce reporting that you can use. With these reports, you can reach the necessary insights and have information about the points you are missing.

Unfortunately, Google Analytics is not a perfect tool. Especially if you have not received any training or experience on Google Analytics before, Google Analytics will probably be nothing more than a confusing system for you. Because Google Analytics can be quite disappointing at first due to its almost unique language and interface. From time to time, you may find yourself spending time learning which report you can follow in YouTube videos.

Another good thing about Google Analytics is that you can filter your data using many different segments. However, if you miss the exact points you need to focus on, you can probably create the wrong strategies with the wrong data.

Well, if Google Analytics will not provide you with the convenience you expect and will disappoint you, then what should you do? Of course, you need another tool that can bring you the reports you want in a simpler and faster way, and that tool is here! heybooster brings together the data that will allow you to analyze the product page completely automatically and very quickly and presents it to you as a report so you can take action. Moreover, instead of getting lost in complex maze-like interfaces, it has a very simple and understandable system.

In addition, heybooster notifies you of any changes in the data so that everything is under your control. If there are changes that are different from the expected, you can take action immediately and prevent the problems from growing with the snowball effect.

Then let's see how you can do product page analysis with heybooster with a few clicks!

1) The first thing you need to do to choose Heybooster as your travel companion is to register.
2) In the second step, click on the Integrations title on the left and connect the data sources with heybooster.

3) In the third step, click on Insight Categories and run the Product Performance package.

It's that simple. Now, thanks to heybooster, you can access insights that show you important details about your business marketing performance.

Moreover, when there is any change in the data, you can be instantly informed and take action.


To summarize, product page analysis is a report that allows you to see what the users experience when they come to your website and guides you to focus on the deficiencies. Thanks to this reporting, you can both improve the user experience and indirectly increase revenue.

Moreover, product page analysis allows you to have a much more successful business marketing performance as it will contain information that will guide you in the new strategies you will create.

Join the world of heybooster now and fire up your performance!


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