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İsmail Atasoy
Oct 30, 2022

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As an ecommerce business website owner, it is important for your brand to appear on the first page or even in the first rankings when a search query occurs on Search Engine Result Pages. Your SERP ranking matters a lot because it is directly related to creating brand awareness and driving organic traffic to your website.

In order to achieve this and to get more organic interaction on the website of your ecommerce business, discovering relevant keywords will give you great advantages over your competitors. When we say first page keywords, we mean the keywords that will organically move your ecommerce website higher in the SERPs. When implementing Search Engine Optimization, we all use keywords, but using the keywords that will move you to the first page of the search engine is crucial.

How to Appear on The First Page in SERP?        

1) First of all, we can say the meaning of the search query. The intent of your potential customer lies in the meaning of the search query made. By producing customer personas for your potential customers, you can better understand their intentions and enable you to perform better Search Engine Result Pages. At the same time, it is a preliminary stage in determining the keywords you will use.

2) Second, another factor that determines your ranking in SERPs is your website's relevance to a search, and this is usually determined through keywords. If you use the keywords used in the search query appropriately throughout your content, in your title, and in your meta description, most likely the algorithm will determine that your content is relevant to the search made and this will enable you to rank in SERP.

When we look at this information, you can actually get the signals that small detail can have a big impact on your overall business marketing performance. That's why it's critical to have data on First Page Keywords with this little detail.          

heybooster is here to provide you with this data and put you one step ahead! Now is the time to meet heybooster!  

Why Is It Crucial to Find Out First Page Keywords?       

Because in this way, you can make your website rise on the SERP organically.

Of course, you can increase the traffic you get to your ecommerce business website by using Search Engine Marketing, but why not give it a shot when you can do it organically and support it?

The most convenient strategy you can use to provide organic website interaction is SEO. Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the ranking of website pages on top search engines in order to attract more relevant and noteworthy traffic. Generally, you can optimize your website for search engines by making minor changes in your website and content, but these small-looking changes are very important when we say organic traffic.

In addition to different SEO applications such as changes for your site to be crawled by search engine algorithms, technically developing your website, content development, keyword research and implementing keywords are an important optimization path. And as we mentioned, the keywords you use have an important role in getting your ecommerce business website to the top of the SERP. Using the right keywords will make your website more visible to your potential customers and reaching a more accurate audience can definitely increase both your awareness and conversion rate. It can also increase your key performance indicator metrics such as impressions, clicks, first-time visitors, and click-through rate. Thus, both your business performance and your marketing efforts will win out of this situation. It is a win-win strategy of any kind!

First Page keywords have a more important place than you think to not miss all these important points and to double your performance          

You need to check regularly and be aware of any changes. That's why heybooster is the assistant that will do everything for you fully automatically! With heybooster, you can access the data you want about First Page Keywords and take firm steps. Now it is time to learn more about heybooster and be a part of the future!

How to Discover the First Page Keywords of Your Ecommerce Business?   

After covering what First Page Keywords is and how important it is to marketing efforts, we can discuss how we can discover these keywords.

One of the first tasks that come to mind when SEO is mentioned is keyword research. Keyword research refers to the process of determining which terms individuals use in search engines. You can perform a more accurate keyword research process by analyzing what the potential customers of your own ecommerce business are searching for, how they are in search queries, and the words they usually use. One of the most frequently used methods for keyword research is to use various keyword research tools.

However, many tools can be discouraging and incomprehensible for you with their complex interfaces and very detailed usage patterns. That's why you can find the simple and useful system you need at heybooster. With heybooster, you can access the data you want related to the first page keywords and create your new strategies. Thanks to heybooster you can see which keywords get the most engagement.           

Moreover, heybooster will send you an alert when there is any change in this data, allowing you to be aware of the situation. You can also get an overview of your performance with daily, weekly, and monthly alert options.

Join the world of heybooster to provide you with all these conveniences and the most accurate data!


We talked about how we can use Search Engine Optimization to attract organic traffic to your ecommerce business site while developing marketing strategies. We discussed that the keywords we use can raise our website to higher ranks on the SERP and we mentioned these as first page keywords. Also, we put ourselves in the place of customer personas and choose keywords with an understanding close to the real customer experience.

Now that you understand the importance of keyword research for your website, you can start optimizing!


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