Conflict Queries Between DSA and Search Campaigns

Google Ads
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Kader Ağdağ
Jun 27, 2021

You might have noticed that the keywords you set up to drive traffic to your search campaigns attract your potential customers with irrelevant landing pages from DSA campaigns. You will have a greater chance of converting users from landing pages that your customers should reach because these keywords when targeted with search campaigns.

DSA campaigns' goals are not conversion. These campaigns' goals are usually used to maintain brand awareness and discover what searches your users have come to the site.

But this is not always a negative situation. For example, if your search campaign has exhausted its budget and your customers are still searching with the search term you are targeting during the day, you can attract your user to the site with your DSA campaign.

What are you going to do with both a bad situation and a good situation?

Keywords that you target for seasonal campaigns and search campaigns that do not consume their budget and search terms that attract traffic with high CPC, you have to exclude these terms from DSA campaigns.

Search terms that you target from low-budget search campaigns and attract traffic from DSA with low CPC don't need to negate immediately. Track the number of conversions of this search term and take action accordingly. #100GrowthInsights

Let's look this insight:


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