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With the availability of all advanced analyzing tools, we've got a ton of insightful data. But does every data matter for your business?

The short answer is hell no…suppose you're sitting to analyze your website's performance; you are checking every data present on Google Analytics. (And trust me, it's A LOT.)

Now that's not it. You're already lost in hours in unguided analysis. You might spend some quality time with your loved ones instead of juggling between the ocean of analyzing tools and data. So, what should you do?

Well, this blog post is all about custom reporting and alerts. Every business has different needs, as a clothing business focuses on their product stock and converting carts.

A personalized jewelry business focuses on recurring clients and customer satisfaction the most, and many other factors. But every e-commerce business has to start from somewhere.

So, here in this blog post,

  • You'll learn how custom alerts will help you fine-tune your decision-making.
  • You'll get to know about the key elements of custom reporting.
  • And at the end, I will share Heybooster's simple and effective custom alerts feature to get you real-time insights from all your marketing campaigns. But before that.

You've to ask these questions before setting up your custom alerts -

  1. What are the key performance indicators you are analyzing?
  2. Which report matters the most for your business?
  3. What are your expected results in previous campaigns? What are your new targets?
  4. Which are the factors affecting the performance of your marketing campaigns? And by how much deviation?

The answers to these questions vary for businesses. Also, the requirements change with time and season. For example, you might be worried about underperforming products most of the time, but at the time of seasonal sales, the stock of over performing products is the centre of your focus.

Now, let's dive into the importance of custom alerts and how they could help you grow your business and save your time for more important actions.

How Custom Alerts could Help you to fine-tune your reporting

Getting standard alerts from different analyzing tools like - Google analytics could only offer surface-level data. You'll only get the overview of the whole picture, but what about the target metrics? You've to go through them individually. To get deeper insights and to discover the reasoning behind every event, you've to customize your reporting.

Now, here comes the role of custom alerts.

It'll help you to fine-tune your focus towards critical issues. Setting up custom alerts will suggest you win products and convert ads and warn you towards budget-eating monsters like non-performing ads on suggestive days. It'll clean the vision towards goals and make it more achievable with real-time actions.

The most important reasons to adopt custom reporting

  • For Stakeholders - It'll help you think above revenues. Custom alerts will give you possibilities to drive your business on an upward curve. It is crucial to make crucial decisions and know what is working and whatnot are. Management could do a lot with focused data, as it will reveal the reasons for your progress to duplicate it and multiply your profits. Not only that, you can stop feeding money to those result-less efforts. It will save you time, cost and effort at the same time.
  • For e-Com managers - Custom alerts are a gift for e-com business managers. It helps them to save themselves from data overload and analysis paralysis. The access to so much data is always overwhelming, and at the end of the day, you might find yourself exhausted without any critical results. So, here comes custom alerting to save you from the disasters of overwhelming data. Now, focus your energy on important tasks and let customized insights alert you for any critical changes.
  • Make more sense of your marketing campaigns. As you already know, no two businesses are the same. Even if the businesses produce and sell the same product, their USPs might differ from their customers. So, custom alerts will help every e-commerce manager understand the core of their business and customer needs. You can easily choose the most important metrics for your business and work on that part only.

Key Elements of Custom Reporting

Your business requirements might differ from other businesses, but there are some key elements that every business wants to know. What are they?

Users - It is the insights of visitors on your e-com website. You need to understand their segmentation. Some of them are hot audiences that convert as soon as they land.

Some of them are warm audiences that might need more than one touch-point to make a sale. And finally, a segment of users that are a complete waste of your efforts and time, the cold audience will never convert.

Sessions - These are the visits of a unique user at multiple points in time. You need to understand their segment as the users and know how they are visiting your store?

These are mostly the warm audiences, which might convert soon into paying customers. So, these sessions are an important part to notice. For this, you've to understand the hits, page visits, which product they're visiting and adding into carts, etc.

Conversions - It is the actions taken by visitors. It could be in any form, either filling a form or subscribing to the newsletter. It is the action that could tell you which segment of the user you should focus on to make more sales.

Dimensions - These are the characteristics that define every custom report. For example, the geographical locations, or the devices, or the browser of the user.

Metrics - These are the quantitative measurements of any report. It would tell you the quantity in the form of a figure, for example, the conversion rate of a particular ad set or ROI on a marketing campaign.

All these key elements made a custom report easy to read and understand. However, it is still time-consuming to work on huge data. So, we're here with a solution - Heybooster's custom alerts.

Get Customized Insights from Heybooster's Custom Alerts

Custom alerts are more than mere notifications. These are the exact metrics you need to follow. For instance, you need to know if one of your ads is spending more than $20 and sending traffic on a product already out-of-stock. Now you need to know that and stop losing your money there. But there's more.

You can easily customize your insights and set custom alerts to get notifications for the data that matters. Heybooster's Custom alerts will save you hours of hard work in searching for meaningful insights; now, you can easily spend that time with your spouse and save your burning pockets at the same time.

  • It will talk your language and only show you what you need at the time.
  • You can set the exact percentage for your cost alerts which could affect your ad budgets. For example - you need to know if any of your keywords are costing more than 10% of your Ads spend without converting, then it'll alert you immediately.
  • You can get the custom alert on the only key metrics that affect your business the most. These custom alerts will give you expert views rather than a general overview as other standard analytic tools.
  • It'll help you in setting notifications for specific KPI for a specific range.
  • You can easily define the limits for your custom alert and get those alerts only when your set range hits the report.
  • Heybooster's custom alerts make it easy to digest heavy data and only take action whenever necessary.


So, now you know the significance of setting custom alerts for all your key marketing indexes. Custom notifications can help you keep peace of mind without burning marketing budgets.

With custom reports, management could make crucial decisions to duplicate an effort and multiply profit streams. It could also help an e-commerce manager stay ahead while utilizing their time to do more important things.

Custom alerts on business-specified marketing insights are crucial. The reliable sources and hefty data might confuse you, but custom alerting will make it all easy.

So, make an important decision for your business now, set your custom alerts on heybooster, and get the insights that matter for your business. Get it now.


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