A True Guide to Increase eCommerce Conversion Rates

Being stuck with low conversion rates can be extremely frustrating for ambitious eCommerce store owners that are looking to maximize their sales performance. If you just can’t figure out how to increase eCommerce conversion rates, you may be overlooking certain crucial details in your customer journey.

Provide High-Quality Product Images & Persuasive Product Details

The drifting eyes of your customers will first settle on the product images. The best way to show the excellence of your products is to choose high-quality product images for your product pages. Improvement in the quality of your images will quickly transform into a high conversion rate for your eCommerce website.

Showing your product from multiple angles, providing visual representations of the different kinds of services your product offers, and focusing on coming up with aesthetically appealing representations is a great first step for increasing eCommerce conversion rates.

To tag along with your crisp images, make sure you have enticing product details. Do more than simply describe your products. Augment the strong points of your products and try to appeal to the customer's perspective. How would you like to be addressed if you were a customer?

Highlight Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are crucial for conversion rates. Your potential customers will be on the lookout for past customer experiences during their product research. Positive reviews are immensely helpful to increase eCommerce conversion rates.

Product reviews from real customers can also provide a perspective that sellers cannot provide by themselves. Common customer experiences will give your visitors a better idea of the kinds of perks that your services and products offer. How do your products and services improve the lives of your customers? Only they can tell!

Set Up Cart Abandonment Emails and Notifications

To maximize conversions at the final stage of the purchase journey to avoid losing customers at the last step, make sure to optimize your shopping cart notifications and reminders.

Some of your visitors will end up adding products to their shopping cart but leaving without completing their purchase. They might decide to think about their purchase, wait for deals or simply forget about it.

Your job is to remind them what they are missing. Shopping cart notifications and emails are a great opportunity to increase eCommerce conversion rates as the visitors who have abandoned their shopping carts may still be invested in their purchase journey and may be likely to return to their cart.

Almost half of the email reminders of abandoned shopping carts end up being opened by customers. This is a great open result that you can definitely use to your own advantage to win back some of your hesitant customers.

Send reminder emails and notifications to win back your clients with images, copy, deals, and offers related to the products in their shopping cart.

Track Your Metrics

To increase eCommerce conversion rates most efficiently, you must know the problem points and weaknesses in your sales and marketing strategy to make sure you know where to start. However, choosing which data will be the most relevant to increasing eCommerce conversion rates may be hard.

Traffic Sources

Where do you drive traffic to your eCommerce store? How is your organic traffic compared to your paid traffic?

You should make sure that you have multiple and diverse sources of traffic. If most of your traffic is from a single source, this could be cause for concern.

If most of your traffic comes from a single source this means that you may not be able to afford any changes in the algorithm or policies of this platform which may greatly affect your traffic. Optimizing your traffic sources will benefit your conversion rates as well.

Visitor Interactions

Are you on top of the customer journey on your eCommerce website? Which pathways do your visitors follow up until the completion of their purchase? By tracking your visitors’ interactions on the website, you can better understand what you need to change about your customer experience to improve conversion rate of your online store.  

For instance, make sure your most viewed product isn’t preventing conversions. You could be driving traffic to out-of-stock products that prevent the completion of purchases. Through this insight, you can also decide which products are the best to promote for better conversion rates.

heybooster can help you figure out which products you should be promoting with attention to your stock information.

Bounce Rates

Bounce rate shows the percentage of visitors to your eCommerce website who upon viewing one page, leave without viewing any others. High bounce rates may be hinting at a problem with your landing and/or product pages and will give you insight into possible problem points.

Solving issues with your landing pages is crucial for your conversion rates. There could be something wrong with your design, copy or calls to action that may be stopping your visitors from engaging further with your eCommerce store.

If there are any problems with your landing pages, heybooster will be the first one to notify you with insight into opportunities for improvement.

Cost Per Conversion

This metric will tell you the ratio of your ad spending to the number of conversions from the ad views. If you are spending too much money on ad views with low conversions, this may be a sign for you to change your ad strategy.

With heybooster, you can track all relevant metrics to skyrocket your conversion rates as soon as possible!

Never Hide Privacy, Shipping & Refund Policies

Shipping and refund processes can be annoying for shoppers. Displaying the privacy policy, shipping, and refund information as clearly as possible will help make your customers feel safer in their purchase journey. If your customers feel safe, they will be more likely to complete their purchase which will help increase your conversion rates.

Provide Coupons

Coupons with deals and offers customized to the needs of your customers will be a crowd favorite! If your customers feel that they are getting a good deal with their purchase, they will be more likely to complete shopping at your store, leading to increased conversion rates.

You can optimize your coupons with insights into shopping cart trends and your most popular products to make sure you are appealing to your customers’ needs.

Track Your Ads’ Performance

Ensure that you are being smart with your money! Well-targeted ad performance is crucial for better conversion rates. Are you boosting the right products in your ads? Make sure that you are not promoting pages and products that constantly bring low conversion rates.

If you notice low conversion rates for one week from a certain product or landing page, it may be time to start evaluating possible reasons why these pages do not lead to a purchase.

Another type of overlooked insight into your ads could be about your most popular products. There may be products that despite being popular in terms of conversions, are not driving traffic from ads. You may want to promote these products through ads to further benefit your conversion rates.

With heybooster, you can check all of these often-overlooked insights into your ad performance and promote the right products every week. heybooster will delve into your ads’ performance data for you and come up with the most useful insights to increase your conversion rates.

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