16 Tasks Every eCommerce Marketing Teams Should Automate

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İsmail Atasoy
Sep 23, 2022

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 Even if you have a long experience in eCommerce or you are just a start-up, you may have noticed that automated tasks save you a lot of effort and time, so you can focus on other important pieces. When we look at all the companies that are taking firm steps towards their targets these days, one of the commonalities we will see is that they all contribute to the growth of their markets by giving importance to automation. Due to the realization that it is much simpler and faster to progress in a planned and controlled manner in the eCommerce sector thanks to automation, leading companies have recently started to invest more in this sector to ensure the automation of tasks.

In this way, at the end of a certain process, they made a smart move by saving time and turning their investment in this field into a lot of profit. On the other hand, a common situation in eCommerce marketing teams that do many tasks manually is that after a certain point it turns into a problem and reaches an inextricable point. Because if it is done manually, it may become inevitable that other points that need improvement are overlooked, causing a serious waste of time and energy. These points will grow with the snowball effect and cause more serious problems.

When we look at the marketing automation adoption statistics, we can clearly see that many of the professionals in the marketing sector are familiar with marketing automation and are taking steps towards progress by showing full performance. In the same way, when we look at the statistics, we can see that companies trying to grow in the marketing sector have plans to automate their manual work and are trying to put these plans into action in the near future.

Considering all this, we can say that becoming a part of this change and innovation is actually one of the investments made by companies for the future rather than just a trend. In this article, we will talk about some of the tasks that we recommend you automate in order to invest in the future. Fasten your seat belts, we're embarking on a journey where you'll get tips that will make you stand out in the future.

1-Monitoring KPIs

Digital marketing KPIs are measurable values used to analyze the current situation in achieving the set goals. Thanks to KPI, you will have information about the values you want to make a detailed status evaluation, and you can get the data you want by point shooting. Thanks to KPI Tracking, you can access numerical data about the course of your business performance and make forward-looking plans. This way, you get data-driven and accurate analysis rather than just simple comments like "We're doing well" or "Things are not going well". Heybooster does regular and fully automatic KPI monitoring for you. Moreover, it is possible to access the KPI data you want in just a few seconds. You can receive alerts about KPI data as often as you want, or heybooster can automatically send you an alert in case of any abnormality.

If you are curious and want to know how heybooster does KPI tracking we invite you to learn more about it!

2- Dynamic Content

Dynamic Content: Dynamic content is the name given to personalized content according to the interests and preferences of the users who come to your site or, if the user is a member of your site, more detailed information. It can have an impact on your eCommerce career as a very useful feature with its positive effects on many different KPI values, while improving the user experience compared to static content.

3-Email Personalization

According to many studies, personalized email campaigns attract more attention from users and thus more conversions are completed. It can be used in many different ways, from basic strategies such as using users' last names in email to much more advanced ones. With personalized emails, you can get positive increases in many different KPI data such as CTR, so you can reach wider audiences.

4- Product Performance Tracking

Let's say you have a product for which you spend long hours and a lot of effort, and you are curious about the feedback this product will bring you. Will this happen simply by waiting for your users to buy the product and comment on it? Of course not! Product performance tracking is a very easy way to do this. It is a big plus to have a system that will give you much more useful data instead of constantly waiting for customer feedback or tracking sales rates. Product performance tracking allows you to analyze how your customers or potential customers react to and interact with your products and your site in general. It also allows you to see, at the end of the process, how these affect your business. Thanks to Heybooster, you can do detailed tracking and have the necessary information to overcome these problems.

If you want to get fast and detailed analysis with Heybooster, let's give it a try!

5- Contact Management

Of course, by following the old fashion, you can save your contacts in a notepad and find what you need by searching for it. However, as your contact list grows and you get more contacts on a daily basis, you'll probably notice why we call it old-fashioned. If you make it automated, you can easily reach and collect it in the center. Thus, you can now move your notebook to a cloud-based environment and have a more effective use of it.

6- Customer Re-engagement

Regularly checking the activity of your users and striving to turn your inactive customers back into active users can have positive returns for you. Reminding your company to your inactive users via email is a good way to do this. Therefore, using this effective method in an automated way instead of manually checking it regularly can be a very successful re-engagement strategy for you.

7- Landing Page Analysis

It can be very beneficial for your visibility to prevent your users from staying on only one page and to make them learn more about you by visiting the site more. Call-to-Action sentences placed correctly on the page will help you a lot in this regard. In this way, your other products or blog posts will come to the fore and you will have a much more interesting site structure. For example, as we do now :) If you liked this article, let’s check some landing page insights!

8-Keyword Research

If keyword research is not automated like others, it is a process that causes you to spend time and effort by keeping you in front of the screen for a long time. New keywords related to the focused topic may emerge as a result of changes in the Google algorithm or tests performed on the search engine, making it increasingly difficult to follow them on a regular basis. In such cases, automating it by using different tools will make things much easier for you.

9-Predictive Analytics

It can give you tips to make predictions about future outcomes, to create your future strategies and to proceed more systematically. These statistics and modeling techniques, which will be revealed by analyzing your current and historical data, are good guidelines on how to use your resources and where to focus. Of course, doing an analysis that requires focusing on such details manually is difficult and time-consuming, as in other examples. Therefore, getting predictive analytics as automated enables you to focus on your goals by obtaining the necessary information effortlessly.

10-Performance metrics for SEO

Reaching the audience at the level you set and getting your content to the front of the pack by Google will provide very good positive feedback for you in the long run. However, in this process, it is very critical to know the parts of your SEO strategy that you can fully achieve and the parts that are missing and need to be improved. It is impossible to propose solutions without knowing what the problem is. It may take much more time than you expect to take action by manually finding the most important and urgent ones among the dozens of factors that affect your ranking score. That's why heybooster is ready to give you full support with the different SEO metrics it can offer you. From now on, you can now get fully automated data on your SEO performance and be quick to act.

How about visiting our blog and getting more detailed information about SEO performance metrics?

11-Facebook Bots

Facebook bots can be very useful to increase your potential customer base and introduce yourself and your business to them better. Thanks to Facebook bots, you provide users with a personalized experience and include them in a successful conversion process with different referrals. For example, you can encourage them to download PDF versions of your blog posts via e-mail or direct them to your site to promote new products.

12-Customer feedback & reviews

Automating customer feedback&reviews has a very important place in that you regularly and automatically learn about your users' experiences and see the deficiencies in your strategies. Thanks to the comments directly from your users, you will have information about the parts you missed. Automating feedback&reviews allows you to keep a close eye on your customers on a regular basis, without having to make email traffic or phone calls to constantly get information from them.

13-Analyzing PPC campaigns

Generally used by search engines and social media channels, PPC stands for pay per click. By using this ad type, your site will appear in the first place in the SERP for certain keywords, and in return you will pay a certain fee per person who clicks on your site. In this way, you can highlight your site and products under certain keywords and increase your visibility. However, if a careful PPC analysis is not done, you may not soon realize that the money you spend on advertising is wasted and that your site and products are not attractive and trustworthy enough for users. And of course, again, doing this manually is very time-consuming and tedious. At this point, heybooster is ready to offer you a detailed analysis of PPC campaigns. With this analysis, which you can access in a split second whenever you want, you can see the profit-loss ratio and focus on the shortcomings.  

14-Live Chat

When most of the users want to get detailed information, they prefer it to be as fast as possible. Therefore, instead of wasting time communicating with you directly, accessing information through automated chatbots is a great time-saver for them. This is also important for you as you need to contact multiple users in a short time and respond to their requests. In addition, you can reduce your Bounce Rate and provide improved customer service. As a result of the user's satisfaction with you, both the user's sense of trust in you increases and you can indirectly increase your company's authority and sales.

15-Reporting Process

Trying to get reports manually can take days or even weeks. Instead of trying to handle the reporting process manually, it is much more effective and efficient to make it automated. In this way, you will have access to much more accurate information, and you can use your energy in other important parts by progressing in a much more controlled system. At this stage, heybooster can be your most important assistant. For example, you can access daily, weekly, or monthly reports on the performance of your ads with just a few clicks and get a detailed analysis.

Now, it's right time to look at how heybooster can help you with the reporting process!

16- Social Media Posts

One of the parts where you need to be active for your marketing to grow is, of course, social media. You need to post regularly at certain times of the day, and to do this, you will either set an alarm for the times you want to post and try to post regularly, or you will make things much easier by making it automated. If you ask us, the second option seems much more reasonable :) In this way, you both increase your social media activity and increase the chance of reaching more people.

Since we have come to the end of the article, you probably understand why tasks should be automated. While it takes hours to deal with some of them alone, it does not seem like a logical decision to spend hours in front of the screen doing these tasks in eCommerce sector where time is very valuable. Therefore, our advice to you is to start the process of automating tasks, which will save you time and budget in the long run, as soon as possible.


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