Data Stories

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What is the duplicate meta titles?

A good strategy is to avoid duplicate page titles (meta titles), since the more duplicate content and duplicate page titles (meta titles) on your site, the lower these pages will be ranked in the search engine's ranking. For example, let your product category page where you rank Gifts For Father's Day.
Google Ads
2 min read

Products that cannot be sold in the ad

Wow, would you have invested in something that wouldn't sell for 30 days? Together we wish it hadn't happened. There may have been a drop in demand for these products as a result of changing seasonal patterns. Like, you want to sell sweaters in the summer.

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Marketing professionals are constantly bombarded with a series of things to do. • Finding that unicorn idea for a new campaign, • Monitoring ad and campaign performances and trying to iterate the concept, • Make an effective word plan to run towards your KPIs faster and so on… These are the exciting tasks you can handle every day.

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