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How to Create a Strong SEO Content Strategy: A Step-by-Step Guide

Creating your SEO content strategy is simply possible in a few steps. You can create different strategies by following these steps. Let's take a look at the details!
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A Step-by-Step SEO Strategy Plan: Unlocking Success (Plan with PDF Blueprint)

If you are looking for an SEO strategy plan pdf to help you along your SEO journey, you are in the right place! You can boost your performance thanks to the SEO strategy plan pdf that we have created based on our experience and various studies. Fill out the form!
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SEO vs SEM (Pros, Cons, and When to Use Each)

SEO and SEM form the basis of marketing strategies. There are important differences and similarities between these two. Let's take a look at these points and create your strategy!

Shopping Funnel: Tracking Shoppers' Behavior

If you have an e-commerce store, most probably one of the your goal is to create a flow that will encourage users to shop again and again. There is a way to follow that request and develop an approach. You can call it Conversion Funnel or Shopping Funnel.

The best way to get to know your user

How do you benefit knowing which products are sold together? Do you use it in advertisements on social media, or do you work on advertising campaigns? Maybe you can make an enhancement to highlight these products that were purchased together on your website.

Here’s What We Found from Analyzing 1+ Million Landing Pages

What if you have a better landing page you don’t promote? We analyzed more than 1M landing pages and checked the performance metrics based on user behaviour metrics and see that %67 of the marketers are missing the opportunities. Would you like to see your own, run heybooster user behaviour analyze and get your customized insights?

Find & Fix | Duplicate Transactions

Sometimes when you look at your sales data, do you say there is something wrong with this? When you are analyzing your sales data, you might encounter with more purchase data(value) than you were expecting, it is pretty normal to be worried because this will cause your strategy to appear wrong.
Google Ads
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Daily Budget Reseta!

23:58, 23:59, and 00:00. Time resets typically occur at midnights. Let’s check out what ushers in the new day. • Exactly at midnight, Google Analytics sessions reset. Causes sessions & click differences have a negligible effect. • The transaction is going to count for the new day if the session has started the day before.
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Is your Google Analytics accrue today?

Before jumping into the advanced analysis, let’s focus on improving your data quality to ensure the metrics rely on relevant, accurate, and actionable. Don’t make critical business decisions based on broken insufficient data. Takeaway: Google Analytics setup is broken at least once a month.

Get Top landing pages by session

You don't need worry about performance changes or missing opportunities, in one email, heybooster Google Analytics Weekly Report summarizes all.