Why Your Facebook Ads Bounce Rate Is So High? (Track & Reduce It!)

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İsmail Atasoy
Dec 9, 2022

Have you ever been scrolling through your Facebook page when you saw an advertisement that simply caused you to scoff and move on? It's not just you!

In fact, it's not unusual for Facebook advertisements to have a high bounce rate, which is the number of viewers who view the advertisement before leaving without acting. Although this might be annoying for companies seeking to advertise on Facebook, there are a few possible explanations. So, let's explore Facebook advertising in more detail and see why users occasionally tend to bounce.

How to Track Facebook Ads Bounce Rate

Well, now that we've learned why bounce rate tracking is important, it's time to learn how to do this tracking. Of course, after spending long hours with the calculator! Okay, that was a joke😅

Of course with heybooster!

heybooster prepares your Facebook Ads bounce rate for you completely automatically. Moreover, accessing this report is only a few clicks away. heybooster simplifies everything for you, unlike data tools that require a lot of adjustments and complex systems like Google Analytics.

Moreover, thanks to the option to set up alerts, you can instantly be notified and take action if there is any change in your Facebook Ads bounce rate.

So, let's see how to get this report with heybooster!

1. The first thing you need to do to step into the magic world of heybooster is to sign-up.

2. Secondly, click on Integrations from the menu on the left and connect the data sources and heybooster.

3.   In the third step, click Insight Categories and run the Revenue Growth Opportunities package.

4.   Click Low landing page relevance on paid campaigns on the page that opens

5.   And that's it! You can now access the bounce rate report thanks to heybooster. Moreover, thanks to the Set a Notification option, you can receive instant notifications when there is any change in the data.

Why is Facebook Ads bounce rate high?

There are several reasons why Facebook Ads have a high bounce rate. The following are some potential causes of a high bounce rate:

1. Simply, they are not interested🥱

The intended audience for the advertisement has no interest in the service or product being promoted. Individuals who view the advertisement are likely to rapidly lose interest and move on if it is not relevant to them.

2.   Bad user experience😒

The landing page for the advertisement is poorly designed and not conversion-optimized. People could leave a landing page quickly if it is hard to use, takes a long time to load, or has no strong calls to action.

3.   It is not eye-catching🧐

The advertisement lacks a compelling visual element. The intended audience may not pay attention to the advertisement if it is not fascinating or eye-catching, which might result in a high bounce rate.

4.   They have already seen that 😡

Individuals who have already converted are seeing the advertisement. A high bounce rate results from consumers who have already made a purchase or completed another desired action seeing the advertisement since they are unlikely to convert again.

Bounce rates can be high for these and many other reasons. But don't worry, you will be able to take everything under control with the help of heybooster and the advice we will give in a moment. Let's continue!

What Is a Good Bounce Rate?

A good bounce rate cannot be quantified precisely since it is dependent on the type of website and its content. For instance, even though a landing page or single-page website has a high bounce rate, it can still be considered good if it turns visitors into paying customers. Contrarily, a website with plenty of pages and content may have a lower bounce rate yet still be regarded as unsuccessful if it is unable to engage and hold users' attention.

In general, a bounce rate of 40% is seen as favorable, whereas one above 60% is regarded as excessive. The bounce rate of a website should be compared to industry norms and benchmarks, as well as other metrics like the time spent on the site and the conversion rate. However, these are only general guidelines.

There are different bounce rates for each platform, as well as for Shopify. Moreover, doing bounce rate tracking for Shopify, which will enable you to make a significant difference in revenue growth, will make a great contribution to you. Let's find out the details about Shopify bounce rate tracking now!

How to Reduce Facebook Ads Bounce Rate

Let's take a look at these moves that will act as a queen for your eCommerce marketing performance even though they look like little pawns.

  • You should consider that a very high percentage of Facebook users will see your ads on their mobile devices. That's why you need to optimize ad landing pages for mobile.

  • Remember that the eCommerce world does not like slowness at all😊 So if users see a slow-loading page when they click on the ads, they will probably not be patient and will leave your site quickly. So, this is a detail you need to focus on.

  • Think about it, you liked the shoe ad you saw, and you clicked on it. But suddenly, a coffee cup with hello kitty appeared in front of you😮 You will probably leave the site immediately after a moment of surprise. For this reason, you need to make sure that the ad that users click on and the page they see match. Otherwise, the bounce rate will continue to increase.

  • Create strong call-to-actions! Thus, what you offer to users and what you expect from them will be much more clear in mind. Because while users are browsing your page quickly, call-to-actions may attract their attention and become more engaged. Use social proof, such as customer testimonials or product reviews, to build trust and credibility with potential customers.

  • Consider A/B testing different versions of your ad and landing page to see which performs better and reduces bounce rate. This can help you identify and eliminate any potential friction points that may be causing users to leave.

Importance of Tracking Facebook Ads Bounce Rate

Monitoring the bounce rate regularly will give you useful information in many ways. Of course, bounce rate alone is not enough to understand whether your overall marketing performance is good or bad. However, tracking this metric will still be very useful for you to have an idea about general problems. Let’s see what the benefits are of tracking it!

1. Analyze users' reactions 🤨

A high bounce rate may be a sign that your advertising is not successfully reaching the intended audience or that the landing page for your advertisement is not compelling enough to keep visitors on your website. You may learn a lot about how well your advertisements are performing and make any required changes to increase their efficiency by keeping track of your bounce rate.

2.   Control your budget 💰

Tracking your bounce rate will help you maximize your advertising budget in addition to giving you useful information about how well your ads are doing. You might decide to pause or suspend an advertisement if you see that it has a high bounce rate to refocus your advertising budget on advertisements that are more successful. This can save you money while ensuring that your advertising is more successful at generating traffic and conversions.

3.   Optimize user experience 📱

Tracking your Facebook Ads bounce rate is crucial since it may help you enhance the user experience on your website. If visitors to your website are leaving it soon after clicking on an advertisement, there may be problems there that need to be fixed. You can fix any issues and enhance your website to keep visitors interested and boost conversion rates by monitoring your bounce rate.

Of course, bounce rate tracking is critical not only for Facebook but also for Google Ads. Now, read our article about getting detailed information about Google Ads bounce rate tracking!

So, in general, tracking the bounce rate is necessary to engage users who leave your site bouncing like little bunnies to engage more with your site and provide them with a better experience.


To summarize, it is of great importance to regularly monitor the Facebook Ads bounce rate in order to analyze users' movements correctly and take action. In this way, you can both respond better to users' requests and create new strategies that will attract their attention more. You know what more users interested in your products means :)


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