Why Are Your Facebook Ads Getting Clicks but No Conversions (Including Solutions!)

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İsmail Atasoy
Dec 16, 2022

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Frustrated when your Facebook ads get clicks but fail to convert? If your answer is yes, we can guess that sometimes you feel like you are waiting for a snail to run a marathon. But don't worry, you're not the only marketing team trying to race snails in the Olympics😊 Of course, that doesn't mean that everything is perfectly normal and that's how things work anyway. It is actually very easy to turn this snail into a cheetah with a few improvements and new tactics.

The important point is to identify where you might be making mistakes. Some points that are overlooked and actually of great importance may affect your overall marketing performance. By regularly tracking the Facebook ads conversion rate, you can both understand how your ads are performing and see the parts that can be improved.

Right now you're probably frustrated with your Facebook ads not converting, so we're sure you want to move on to the next step quickly. So, grab a drink (the stiffness of the drink can vary depending on how disappointed you are😊) and see why your Facebook ads aren't converting!

You Don’t Have Enough Data about Your Audience

If your Facebook ads are not delivering the conversion rate you expect, maybe you don't have enough data about your audience. Targeting the right audience is critical for your ads to perform well. If you don't know enough about your target audience, your ads are likely to disappoint you.

Gathering more information about users using surveys, polls, and customer feedback can be a smart strategy to increase Facebook Ads conversion rate. In this way, you can have an idea about the topics your audience is interested in, what they prefer and what exactly they need. This type of data will help you create much more powerful and creative advertising strategies.

If you're unsure of what your audience will like, your conversion rate will likely increase if you show them a few photos of kittens. Who doesn't love cats😊 However, check out our other recommendations!

You Forget Facebook Users Are Not Always Ready to Do Shopping

Let's face it, none of us is using Facebook to buy a multi-purpose corkscrewer😊 One of the reasons your Facebook ads aren't getting enough conversions can be that you always see users as ready to shop. The main use of Facebook is to socialize with friends and have fun. As a matter of fact, even if your ads attract the attention of users, they may be leaving your site after taking a glance at your products.

Considering this situation, the ultimate goal of your ads should not be to get users to complete the buying process instantly. Instead, providing brand awareness and running informative and entertaining advertising campaigns can lead you to success. Rather than trying to sell a product directly to your target audience, it would be wiser to run an advertising campaign that will remind them of your brand in the future and make them revisit your website.

Additionally, you can use retargeting ads to remind users who have interacted with your brand in the past about your products or services, increasing the chances that they will convert.

However, you may also experience a low conversion rate problem on platforms that are used directly for purchase, such as Shopify. Find out how to overcome the Shopify low conversion rate problem now!

You Lack Optimized Targeting Parameters

One of the most common reasons why your Facebook ads don't exceed the average conversion rate is that you focus on the wrong audience at the wrong time. Imagine, you are showing a wedding anniversary ring to a person who had to sleep on the sofa because he didn't remember their wedding anniversary the previous day😊 He probably won't like you very much. Joking aside, thanks to the targeting option offered by Facebook Ads, you can create your target audience correctly and create the right strategies.

For example, if your products are popular culture themed and you are trying to appeal to younger segments, you can get more effective results by narrowing your target audience with targetin parameters. These parameters include choosing the right demographics, interests, behaviors, and other criteria that are relevant to your business and to the products or services you're promoting. Thus, you can reach people who are likely to be related to your products and get better results. This will strengthen your connection with users and enable you to create new sales opportunities.

Get detailed information about finding sales opportunities through Facebook now!

You Don’t Separate Audiences Regarding Conversion Targets

As we always say, “in the eCommerce world, users can get bored of everything very quickly”. If you treat every user the same way, this is probably one of the reasons why your Facebook Ads conversion rate is low. In other words, if you are not creating separate audiences, your Facebook ads will not generate enough conversions in relation to the previous reason. It would be a much wiser strategy to consider users' previous interactions with your brand and ads and to set different targets for them.

According to the phases of the customer journey, such as awareness, consideration, and decision, you may also build various audiences. This will allow you to make each audience's advertising more relevant and customized, which will boost their efficacy and raise your chances of generating conversions.

5 Tips to Improve Your Facebook Ad Conversion Rates

Now that you have seen the possible reasons why your performance is below the Facebook Ads average conversion rate, now let's give you a few tips to improve this situation.

1)   Use retargeting

As we said before, users do not come to Facebook to make any purchases. However, it makes sense to run advertising strategies to ensure brand awareness. If you can create brand awareness and attract the attention of users with your ads, they may want to visit your website again in the future, even if not when they see the ad for the first time. In this way, you can remind users of your products and your brand. At the same time, you can encourage users who have interacted with your ads before to buy by showing them personalized ads.

2) Test different advertisement formats

Whatever industry you are in, the dynamics of the industry change day by day. It also means that you follow the changes and apply different strategies. If an advertisement format you applied did not perform as you expected and your Facebook Ads conversion rate is still low, you should focus on different formats instead of continuing to use the same format. For example, instead of showing only one type of ad, you can use carousel ads, video ads, or dynamic ads. Thus, you can both follow the changing dynamics and create much more creative ads. Moreover, if your target audience reacts and interacts more with a certain type of ad, you will get hints for the ads you create in the future.

If you can't think of a suitable ad format, we can still give the same advice. Put a cat photo next to your product photo! Your clicks will probably increase 😊

3) Use eye-catching visuals

First impression is always important, right? The great drama of meeting the person you like while going to the market in your tracksuits ☹ Fortunately, you can create the first impression with your users in the world of eCommerce any way you want. The important point is to choose images that can attract the attention of your target audience and enable them to interact directly with your Facebook ad. No matter how good your products and services are, if you do not use eye-catching images in advertisements, users will probably continue to scroll.

That's why you need to analyze your target audience correctly and choose images that will attract them to your website.

In addition to Facebook, you need to stand out among dozens of ads that can attract users, especially among Google ads. Find out the details on how to avoid the Google Ads low conversion rate problem now!

4) Make it short and simple

Your Facebook ads should be short and simple as well as consisting of eye-catching visuals. Instead of using long articles that will tire users while reading and distract them from your product, it would be much wiser to tell them what you offer in simple and short sentences. In this way, you will avoid the problem of low conversions due to the wrong advertising strategy.

5) Make it seem urgent

Rather than just telling users to buy this product, it's a much better strategy to offer something more interesting and create a "must" feel for them. For example, if you advertise a product and state that there is a sale for a limited time and that it will return to its normal price after that date, users will likely be more interested. Because in this way, you create a feeling of urgency and users think that it is a must to take advantage of the discounted product.

Bonus: How to Detect When Your Facebook Ads Are Getting Clicks but No Conversion

Now that we talked about the reasons why your Facebook Ads conversion rate is low and how to improve it, let's take a look at how to get Facebook Ads conversion rate report! What you need is a tool that will regularly monitor the conversion rate and notify you of any developments. And this tool, of course, heybooster😊heybooster fully automatically tracks the Facebook Ads conversion rate and sends you notifications about changes if you wish.

Moreover, with heybooster, you can access this report very quickly with just a few clicks. Let's see what these steps are!

1) To choose heybooster as your teammate and make things easier, the first thing you need to do is to register.

2) In the second step, click on the Integrations title on the left and connect data sources with heybooster.

3) In the third step, click on Insight Categories and run the Revenue Growth Opportunities package.

4) Then click Popular products that have a low conversion rate.

It's that simple! You can now detect products with a low conversion rate despite having a high clickthrough rate. Don't forget to click Set a Notification to get notified when there is any change in data!


To summarize, there are many different reasons why your Facebook Ads conversion rate may be low. You can reduce the effects of this problem by choosing your target audience correctly and optimizing your ads in different ways. To ensure this, you must regularly receive the Facebook Ads conversion rate report.

Come join the magic world of heybooster now and boost your performance!


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