How Video Format Boosted Our PPC Campaigns?

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Bugrahan Saka
Mar 9, 2022

Hi Hackers,

PPC is kind of an angel and devil duo to me.

It seems that the way to be close to the angel is to experiment very often.

Let's take a look at how the video format drives our startup ( PPC results.

1) Facebook Ads:

As a low-budget early-stage startup, choosing our campaign objective as post engagement over traffic or conversions allowed us to reach more people at less cost.

But since what we wanted was to generate traffic, it was not easy for the post engagement objective to bring results.

We have done various experiments to overcome this. Images from within the product, using topics that were viral at the time, etc.

Among them, the best works well have been to promote the videos created by our product team.

We achieved good results as it gives people more confidence and motivates them to watch the rest of the video. And at the end of the day, we started to get traffic at a cost of $1 - $1.5 with the post engagement objective.

2) Linkedin Ads:

In LinkedIn, our goal was to get traffic.

Directly promoting video content did not fully serve this purpose.

Also, Linkedin supports connection cards.

In other words, when we promoted the preview image of the page to which we will direct the users, each pixel was actually a CTA button for us.

And after some research, I found what I was looking for.

Unlike many platforms, LinkedIn did not prevent the presence of a play button in ad creatives.

I also added a play button to the preview image of a few pages containing videos on our website, shared them on Linkedin and promoted them.

And boom! 💥

The results were pretty good. We got traffic and high CTR for less than $1.

While reaching the video motivates people to click, we achieved our goal of attracting traffic.

As a result, doing as many tests as possible will help us get the results we want across all ads platforms.

PPC experiments, or otherwise, I would love to chat with you about any growth project.

Keep in touch!


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