How eCommerce Marketing Teams Can Increase Conversions Of PPC Campaigns Without Overspending?

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Bengü Demirtaş
Oct 5, 2022

Optimizing your conversion rates when it comes to pay-per-click requires some planning. Would you like to avoid overspending while working on your conversion goals? Are you and your digital marketing team looking for ways to maximize the return of your investment on ad campaigns? With a few tricks and an informed outlook on your PPC setup, improving the profitability of your ad strategy is more than possible.

1)Know where your PPC conversion rate stands

If you would like to improve your pay-per-click conversion rates, you first need to know where you stand. If you haven’t already, start tracking your conversion rates. Check out the current status of your ad campaign strategy by looking closely into your own conversion data. Comparing your current PPC conversion status to the industry average would be a great place to start. heybooster can help you understand your PPC conversion status with detailed analyses of your digital marketing data. For a better digital marketing strategy and a deeper understanding of your own data, start learning how to get conversion rate metrics with heybooster now!

2)Be Aware of Your Competitors

For a more focused starting point to increase your PPC conversion rates, check out your competition. Which keywords do your competitor eCommerce marketers choose for their ad campaigns? Which unique selling points do they promote with their copy and images? If you have time, calculating an estimated conversion rate for your competitors would tell you exactly where you need to be.

3)Plan Your Budget Carefully

Your ecommerce digital marketing team should have a clear budgeting strategy for ad campaigns. heybooster can help you allocate a specific budget to your ad campaign. It will also track the monetary performance of your campaign through cost-return analysis. Start using heybooster to prevent overspending on your ad campaigns immediately.

4)Know Your Product

Make sure you are playing to your strengths! Which product should you be putting to the forefront for better conversion rates? What does your product offer to the customer? What is the unique selling point of your product which will persuade your customer to go one step further? What are your advantages compared to your competitors? Make a list of all the unique selling points that an ecommerce content marketer should address in the copy. Make sure the list is not too long and is only limited to the most important features of your product which will convert viewers into customers. Use heybooster to see which of your products have the most potential to bring better conversion rates on your ad campaigns.

5)Build your Keyword list

Working hard is important but working smart will save you time! Use the data from your competitor analysis to figure out the most accurate keywords for your ad campaign projects. Now you know how your competitors utilize their chosen keywords in their ad campaigns. If you already have a list of keywords, you can add new ones or subtract what seems inefficient. Be on the look-out for unexpected trends. Start using heybooster to immediately catch up on unexpected rises on the traffic rates related to keyword trends!  

When it comes to building a profitable ad campaign as a digital marketer, choosing the right keywords is more than half the challenge. Make sure you know your audience well. Investigate web search trends and decide which keywords align most with your campaign and company identity.

Since you would like more response to your call to action, you should optimize your keyword list in a way that picks out the “high-intent” customers. High-intent customers are those who are more likely to respond to calls to action because they are further along in the buying process than others. For example, if you are selling language courses, a high-intent keyword which may pick out more decisive customers could be “best online english speaking courses”.

You should also make sure that your keyword list is clean of irrelevant pieces. Irrelevant keyword use may be driving the wrong traffic into your website, causing lower PPC conversion rates. With the help of heybooster, you can track which keywords have a high bounce rate. Start using heybooster to optimize your keyword list to avoid overspending on your ad campaigns.

6)Put Your PPC Toes on Firm Ground

Your ad could show up either through the search network, the display network or social channels. On the search network, your ad will show up solely as a search result on your preferred search engines. This means that you do not need an accompanying image for your copy if you use the search network.

The display network allows you to present engaging images and visual attention grabbers for your PPC ad campaign. Your campaign will show up on websites, blogs, apps and other properties owned by the platforms you choose to launch your ad campaign. This way, people will be able to see your ads while they are browsing the larger net.

Lastly, if you advertise on online shopping platforms as an Ecommerce marketer, your products will likely show up on different shopping tabs across search engines as well as the search results. Therefore, online shopping platforms will also require the accompaniment of images in addition to strong copy.

Each of these networks require a different fine tuning of your copy and visuals. Therefore, make sure you know where you want to focus your paid search ads. Use heybooster to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your ad campaign and product promotions.

7)Incentivize Through Your Copy

Optimizing your copy should be your next step to improving your PPC marketing strategy. In addition to competitor analysis, keyword optimization and finding the appropriate network, make sure your copy addresses your customers in the right way.

Make sure your copy is simple yet compelling. Your text should contain your keywords. If you have any deals or offers available, make sure they are clear to the customer through your copy.

Your copy should include your unique selling point. It should address a specific audience. For better conversion of your PPC campaigns, try making specialized landing pages for different customer segments. heybooster will alert you about any problems with your landing pages that prevent your PPC conversion rates from skyrocketing. Heybooster will analyze the loading speed, session length, bounce rate and more to give you a thorough understanding of the success of your landing pages. Start using heybooster to get immediate feedback on your current status.

8)Track and Use Your Conversion Data Wisely

Once you have implemented the necessary changes into your ad campaigns, make sure you track which campaigns do better than others, which platforms, copy and images bring better PPC conversion rates, which products have better return on ad investment etc. This way you can improve your PPC conversion strategy according to your needs. This also means that you will never have to start over again! Hop on to heybooster to start tracking the success of your digital ad campaigns. You will receive detailed analyses of your data as well as suggestions for improvement.

9)Use heybooster to Increase Conversions Of PPC Campaigns Without Overspending

It can be overwhelming to look for weaknesses and inefficiencies in your ad campaigns. heybooster makes it possible to use the same advertising budget much more efficiently by showing problem points and improvement opportunities in PPC ads.


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